Tuesday May 28, 2013

Oracle Learn Cloud Drives Business Performance

A Guest Post by Vice President David Koehn, Oracle Applications (pictured left)

“Blurring the line between retirement and resort.” That’s one of the taglines for Vi (formerly Classic Residence by Hyatt), a national leader in high-end senior living. Vi also is a great example of an organization that has the philosophy of learning integrated into its corporate culture.

Vi is dedicated to enriching the lives of senior citizens by providing high-quality customer care and services. The company’s financial growth is driven by satisfied customers, and Vi believes that customer satisfaction can only be delivered by satisfied employees. In fact, more than 30 percent of Vi’s sales come from resident referrals. Therefore, having a strong customer-centric culture is vital to its value proposition.
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Sunday Feb 10, 2013

Changing From a CRM Caterpillar to a Customer Experience Butterfly

Oracle came out as a clear winner in Paul Greenberg's CX challenge to technology vendors. David Vap built a conclusive case for why Oracle is the only vendor with the most comprehensive and well-thought-out CX solution. And internally Oracle has aligned its Sales, Development, and Marketing around the goals of CX, providing not only the right software solutions and services, but also collaborating with thought leaders in the space to aid customer CX transformation.[Read More]

Thursday Jan 24, 2013

Socializing the Finance Department

David Haimes and his team are developing financial applications for Fusion. And, yes, they are embedding collaboration and social features in the business processes -- not because it’s the thing to do, but because finance professionals are asking for it. That’s right. The cultural change to socialize Finance Departments is coming from within the departments. These professionals see how using these tools can drive efficiencies, transparency, and better decision making. For David, working with them to socialize Fusion Financials is collaboration at its finest.[Read More]

Thursday Nov 29, 2012

A Complete Customer Experience Solution (3 of 3 in 'No Customer Left Behind' Series)

No one has built a better customer service portfolio than Oracle. In this post, David Vap talks about the importance of finding the right technology that can bridge the gaps across your channels, interactions, departments, and repositories. He walks us through Oracle’s CX offering and suggests some next steps.[Read More]

Monday Nov 26, 2012

"Expecting A Different Result?" (2 of 3 in 'No Customer Left Behind' Series)

“You can’t keep doing the same things, give it a customer experience name, and expect a different result,” says David Vap, Group Vice President in Apps Development. In this post, David lays out how companies can execute a customer experience strategy to deliver a better brand experience for their customers. It’s not optional in a world where customers have the power.[Read More]

Thursday Nov 15, 2012

No Customer Left Behind

David Vap, Group Vice President of Product Development, takes us on a three-part journey into the world of customer experience. From a thought leadership position, he advises businesses to lead with a mindset that focuses on the customer rather than on technology. In this post, he challenges your customers to think about how they are interacting with the always-on culture where anytime anywhere consumers have the power and influence to declare, “Hey, these guys suck!”[Read More]

Wednesday Oct 24, 2012

Highlights from the Oracle Customer Experience Summit @ OpenWorld

This guest post by David Vap gives you some real insight into Customer Experience (CX) at Oracle – our robust product portfolio and the thought leadership that sets us apart. We were able to showcase both at the Oracle Customer Experience Summit @ OpenWorld earlier this month.[Read More]

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