Monday Jul 18, 2016

CX Sales—It’s all about Modern Selling at Oracle OpenWorld 2016

A Guest Post by Michael Richter, Director of Product Management, Oracle (pictured left)

This post kicks off a series of articles about what’s happening with Oracle Applications Cloud at Oracle OpenWorld, September 18-22. In this post, Michael Richter gives us a preview of the CX Sales Track. It’s all happening at CX headquarters in Moscone West.

Read the details and then register to attend.

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Monday Jun 06, 2016

June 23: Credit Acceptance Corporation—Oracle Sales Cloud Customer Forum

Join us for an Oracle Sales Cloud Customer Reference Forum on Thursday, June 23, 2016, at 8:00 a.m. PT / 11:00 a.m. ET.

Noah Kotch, SVP of IT of Credit Acceptance Corporation will talk about the company's desire to transform its sales organization to leverage a standardized approach and marketing organization to procure high-value leads. Register now to attend the live Forum and learn more about Credit Acceptance Corporation’s experience with Oracle Sales Cloud.

Wednesday May 04, 2016

Want to grow your revenue? Ask our CEO how …

Oracle's co-CEO Mark Hurd (pictured left) packed a punch when he delivered his smart macroeconomics lesson at the Modern CX Experience in Las Vegas last week. CEOs, who need to prove themselves fast, often turn to misguided measures to deliver desired earnings results. Mark reminded them that success lies with their existing customers. It’s all about the customer experience.

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Wednesday Mar 16, 2016

March 24: Fike Corporation―Oracle Sales Cloud and CPQ Cloud Customer Forum

Join us for another Oracle Customer Reference Forum on March 24, 2016. Fike Corporation's Jeannie Foster, Manager, Global Business Support Sales & Corporate Reporting, and Jeff Hunter, CRM Business Analyst, will discuss the evolution of the business from the inside out.

Early in the company's success, Fike deployed JD Edwards to manage its overall business. As it matured, it found a need to give its sales organization a better way to configure, price, and quote.

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Tuesday Feb 02, 2016

Three Oracle Service Cloud Customers Win Global Industry Awards

A Guest Post by Chaundera Wolfe,  Oracle Service Cloud Product Management (pictured left)

We provide the apps (in this case, Oracle Service Cloud) and customers use them in exceptional ways. Next thing we know, they’re winning awards! Oracle's Chaundera Wolfe tells of awards won by Nestle Special T (high-quality tea), HealthEquity (tools to build health savings), and Royal Bank of Scotland (retail banking). See what innovation looks like!

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Thursday Sep 10, 2015

October 7: The SSI Group Oracle Sales Cloud Customer Reference Forum

This forum features Oracle Sales Cloud in the Healthcare industry. The SSI Group leads the healthcare industry in claims management technology, EDI platforms, and networking. SSI's CFO will tell you about their success implementing Oracle Sales Cloud and how it has transformed their business.

The date for this forum is October 7, 2015. Get more details and get yourself registered.

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Tuesday Aug 25, 2015

Oracle Sales Cloud is a Dynamic Force at Oracle OpenWorld 2015

A Guest Post by Michael Richter (pictured left), Director of Product Management, Oracle

This post kicks off a series of articles about what’s happening with Oracle Applications Cloud at OpenWorld, October 25-29. Starting with Oracle Sales Cloud, Michael Richter (pictured left) put together a preview of sessions, speakers, product demos, and panels. It’s all happening at CX headquarters in Moscone West. Read the details and then register to attend.

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Latest Oracle Service Cloud Product Release Powers Impactful Community Self-Service Experiences

A Guest Post by David Vap (pictured left), Group Vice President, Product Development, Oracle

Have a problem with a product or service? According to a Nielsen report, one in three of us will contact a company through social channels rather than by phone or email. GVP David Vap (pictured left), product development, explains why the latest release of Oracle Service and Social Clouds is going to be very attractive to those of you who want to provide a positive and unified customer experience.

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Thursday Oct 11, 2012

Cloud Apps News @#OOW12

All eyes were on Oracle this past week and the news cycle was in full swing. What better time to make some key announcements that were guaranteed to create buzz ... and so we did. The name of the game was Cloud!  Here are the key Cloud announcements for Apps, which included Fusion Tap that enables mobility across all Cloud Apps, Oracle HCM customer momentum in the Cloud, and our very first Oracle ERP Cloud Services customer.

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Friday Sep 21, 2012

A "First" at Oracle OpenWorld

The Oracle Music Festival is a first at OpenWorld this year, but the “first” that Adam May is talking about is having Fusion CRM customers at the conference in San Francisco. Last year they were planning their strategies and mapping out their new release uptakes. This year they’re live on Fusion CRM and deriving real benefits from the product. Watch for them! They’ll be the ones who have people waiting in line to talk to them.[Read More]

Wednesday Jun 20, 2012

The “Customer” Experience Revolution is Here

The Experience Revolution is here, and we are going to explore and celebrate our new customer experience ventures and strategy in an extraordinary way. In true Oracle fashion, we are hosting an exceptional event, bringing together customer experience advocates, visionaries and practitioners to discover and define Oracle’s Customer Experience vision.

The Experience Revolution is best described as today’s era of the empowered consumer. For those of us who work with customers on a daily basis, we know that the modern consumer demands fast, accurate, consistent information across all communication channels. And if they don’t like the services received can easily take to social channels to voice disapproval. For this reason, organizations today operate in an environment where traditional methods of differentiation are less effective and customer experience has become the primary driver of business value.

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Wednesday May 23, 2012

Embracing Mobile

Isn’t it amazing how much mobility and mobile technologies have evolved since the days Palm bought Handspring. That was back in 2003. Today, it’s hard to imagine running our business or personal lives without the capabilities and conveniences of a mobile device. Our mobile ‘friends’ have become a way of life – and we expect a lot from them, as do our customers. It is not enough to simply display a traditional ERP application on a smartphone or a tablet. Customers expect and want more.[Read More]

Thursday Apr 05, 2012

"Why We Chose Fusion CRM" by Vikas Bhambri, Managing Partner, The Athene Group

Vikas Bhambri, Managing Partner, The Athene Group, Shares His Firm's Fusion CRM Experience.[Read More]

Wednesday Mar 21, 2012

Beyond Chatting: What ‘Social’ Means for CRM

Steve Diamond, Senior Director, Outbound Product Management, Oracle, talks about the essence of sales force collaboration and explores the concept of purposeful social networking.[Read More]

Thursday May 26, 2011

June 1st Webcast Preview: Fusion CRM, Cognizant and an Email from a Friend

Yesterday I received the below email invitation from a friend and former co-worker who has moved on from Oracle to lead IT for a good-sized health sciences company in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Attached to the invitation was a very brief note: “Is this your handiwork?”

I was happy to see the note for two reasons:

  1. I’m always glad to hear from my buddy…and he usually has a humorous spin to any interaction
  2. I was glad to see that the word is getting out about the next webcast in the Inside Fusion Applications series

My friend’s company is a Cognizant client, so the Cognizant folks are working hard to make sure everyone knows about the upcoming webcast on June 1st. However, this is a great opportunity even if you’re not a Cognizant client. To prepare for the webcast we met recently with Philip Philippides, Director and Practice Leader, Customer Solution Practice, Cognizant Technology Solutions and Timothy Blank, Director – Oracle CRM Practice Lead, Cognizant Technology Solutions.

Hot Topics

Philip and Timothy, who complement one another with a combination of strategy experience and technical detail, have graciously volunteered to sit down and walk us through their experiences as a Fusion Applications Co-Development partner. This includes not only their perspective on what Cognizant has done in helping create Fusion Applications solutions (including their work with Fusion CRM set-up and migration, sure to be a hot topic on June 1 with the IT crowd) but also the trends that are forcing organizations, like my friend’s, to re-consider strategic topics such as:

  • Changing user dynamics and demands—including sales people and end-customers
  • A re-definition of value creation—a focus on doing what you do best, and partnering for the rest
  • Increasing mobility requirements and how to harness social computing
  • And more…

 We’re very happy with how this series has come together. If the preparation calls we have had with Cognizant are any indication of how the webcast on will turn out on June 1st I think you’ll be pleased.

3rd Party Perspective + Insider Access + A Hot Topic


Wednesday, June 1st 10am Pacific

A Tip on Registration

Do register today. If you’re unable to attend I do recommend you register anyway. You’ll miss the chance to participate in the live Q&A session but you’ll automatically receive a follow-up email providing you with access to the on demand version.

We hope to see you there.


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