“Yes, Fusion Is Living Up To Our Expectations!”

A guest post by Kirsten Hanson, Senior Director, HR's Global Organization and Talent Development

We went live with Oracle Fusion Talent Review in late 2012. During the implementation, I blogged about Oracle’s business drivers for a new talent management process, Oracle President Mark Hurd’s position on talent management, and the benefits we were anticipating from Oracle Fusion Talent Review. (Post 1 and Post 2.) Now I’m back to report on the progress of the rollout—and to let you know how excited we are that the new talent review process and technology are already making a difference in our business!

Three Successful Pilots Lead the Way

Oracle Fusion was a logical choice for us. We needed a talent review system that facilitated discussions between HR and business leaders about their business units. Those rich conversations and fact-based conclusions would then lead to better talent and organizational decisions, and in turn, help deliver higher profitability per employee.

So far, we have completed three pilots in the business, which have given us great feedback. Just as we anticipated, the application shows individual and aggregate data in a way that allows for more strategic discussions and decisions.

The best way to understand the real impact is to hear from an Oracle business leader who has used Oracle Fusion Talent Review. David Tweddle, head of UK Alliance and Channel, stated, “The UK Alliance and Channel team is built on an ethos of ‘people first.’ FY13 has been a year of transition with a new structure and a team new to its roles. As a result, we decided to undertake two talent reviews this year—the most recent using Oracle Fusion Talent Review.”

He reports that the software has “proved invaluable, providing us with the ability to quickly and simply review the capability and potential of the team. It has enabled the management team to spot talent, head off issues, and better manage the team as a result.”

Benefits for Employees Too

While Oracle Fusion Talent Review is showing so much promise for the management teams, we are equally excited about what the technology means for our employees. Now employees across the company can play a more active role in their own career development. With the introduction of Oracle Fusion Talent Review, employees create and manage their own online employee portraits. By design, this active involvement promotes open dialogue with their managers. It also encourages employees to take responsibility for their professional growth and development. The process creates the opportunity to match employees’ positions with their aspirations and interests while fulfilling organizational needs.

This approach also aligns with Oracle’s desire to increase transparency around our talent management processes. We believe employee development should be a collaborative activity between employees and managers. To support these activities, we have updated our related talent management resources, which include the upcoming introduction of our new Talent Management Portal. This portal will offer a comprehensive understanding of our talent management processes and provide a variety of tools and training resources.

Incremental Rollouts and Fundamental Changes

For the next quarter, we will concentrate on refining our processes and conducting small to medium-sized talent initiatives. Then, starting in mid-2013, we will incrementally roll out Oracle Fusion Talent Review to a number of businesses that are ready, enabling us to fundamentally change the way we manage our talent and shape our organizations.

That change starts with being able to consistently execute our talent management practices and programs across Oracle, which equips us to make the right decisions about our people and our business. We will have global data that provides a more comprehensive view of our talent. With such a view, we can more easily track and monitor the success of our development initiatives, quickly identify critical gaps in our capabilities, and plan how to best engage our resources. By aligning our talent process with our business strategy, Oracle leaders and employees will be able to achieve their organizational and individual goals more effectively.

Watch for more information on the roll out of Oracle Fusion Talent Review as we continue to make progress.

Dr. Kirsten Hanson
Senior Director, HR’s Global Organization and Talent Development
Oracle Corporation


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