Oracle Fusion Applications Strategy & Technology Sessions @ Oracle OpenWorld 2011

In the kickoff, Big Picture, blog I mentioned that there are 53 sessions in the Fusion Applications track. These are sessions being led by Fusion Applications strategy and development leaders. In the next few posts I’ll break down the layout of the 53 to help you plan your Fusion Applications experience.

Oracle OpenWorld Tip: The Content Catalog tool is a good way to get an overview of what’s going to be covered—even if you’re not going to Oracle OpenWorld this year. The Schedule Builder tool is for registered attendees and can help you lock down your calendar each day.

Moscone West Level 3 "Hot Spots"

The 53 sessions are allocated across the seven product families (Human Capital Management, Customer Relationship Management…) plus a cross-Fusion Applications category which includes strategic topics like User Experience, Adoption and Business Intelligence as well as key applications tools and technology sessions that should be of interest to anyone working on their Fusion Applications roadmap.

Oracle Fusion Applications Strategy and Technology Sessions

What are Fusion Applications all about?    How do you integrate them?    Who’s using them and why?    How will end-users be impacted and will they like it?    How do I secure them?    How can they help us make better decisions?  That’s what sessions in this category are all about. Here are the topics covered and quick commentary from me on what you can expect:

18582: Fusion Applications – Overview, Strategy and Roadmap

Pre-registration is strongly recommended. This session sold out in 2010. This is the core overview session for the product line and the place to find out more about the Oracle Fusion Applications strategy—what went into it, what to expect and where it’s headed. Due to anticipated demand this session will be offered twice.

18700: The Oracle Fusion Applications User Experience: Transforming Insight into Action

More often than not, when people see Fusion Applications they “get it.” This session, hosted by leaders from the Oracle User Experience team will cover the extensive research that went into the Fusion Applications project, their findings and how the results ended up in the products. Not enough? Hear from customers themselves on what Fusion Applications mean to them. Also, you’ll get an inside look into key design trends that may find their way into future releases of Fusion Applications and the products you have today.

12753: Application Integration for Oracle Fusion Applications

A new topic for 2011. We fielded many questions on this topic last year and created a session dedicated to it. You’ll hear how some of Fusion Applications’ core design principles and technologies accelerate the task of integration and how Oracle’s integration solutions can be applied.

17200: Oracle Fusion Applications: Security Out of the Box

Similar to integration, the topic of securing Fusion Applications drove a lot of conversations last year and warranted its own session. Technically, find out how it works. Functionally, you’ll hear how Fusion Applications’ security principles help deliver a role-based experience.

18580: Metrics That Matter for Your Business: Analytics for Oracle Fusion Applications

18581: Innovation in BI and Applications: Analytics for Oracle Fusion Applications

18580 and 18581 are a packaged set of session focusing on Business Intelligence within Fusion Applications. 18580 addresses the functional what/how and why topics and 18581 takes a more technical approach uncovering how and where business intelligence actually gets embedded into the applications. They’re conveniently scheduled one after another on Wednesday with the Wednesday PM keynote in between.

17201: An Introduction to Oracle Fusion Functional Setup Manager

You’ve made the decision to purchase Fusion Applications—now what? That’s the role of Functional Setup Manager. This was yet another popular topic last year and seeing this session in the 2011 program was a common request from members of the Oracle Applications Facebook community. Also, don’t miss their demo in the Moscone West DEMOGrounds, station W-036 in the Fusion Applications area.

17220: Oracle Fusion Applications: Technology Essentials Overview

If you’ve ever seen Nadia Bendjou’s “Top 10 Things You Can Do to Prepare for Fusion Applications” presentation then you can consider this the perfect sequel. In this session Nadia will cover the key technologies that went into Oracle Fusion Applications and will give you a clear understanding of what an Oracle Fusion Applications environment would look like in your datacenter.

17221: Oracle Fusion Applications: Adoption and Deployment Overview

I’ve seen this presentation in reviews as it has come together over the past few month and recommend that you pre-register for this session now. Right now. Don’t wait. You’ll be hearing a lot about and from Oracle Fusion Applications customers at Oracle OpenWorld this year—but this session is, in my opinion, going to be so information-rich about who’s using Fusion Applications, why, and how that it’s not to be missed.

17202: Application Lifecycle Management for Oracle Fusion Applications

Across the board, this year’s program goes deeper into Fusion Applications than ever before. What does it take to own Fusion Applications? Installation—patching—backup—scale-out…this session, a new addition to the program, is designed to answer the key questions and cover the key scenarios you need to know about.

Moscone West – The “Fusion Applications Hot Spots”

The “Fusion Applications Hot Spots” is not an official term, so you won’t find any signs or banners. But to make things as easy as possible for customers looking to attend Fusion Applications sessions the majority of them will be run in a select number of rooms—primarily on the 2nd and 3rd floors of Moscone West.

Moscone West Level 2 "Hot Spots"

Have an interest in a particular Fusion Application product family like CRM, Supply Chain or Human Capital Management? Stay tuned to this blog and I’ll cover some overall navigation tips for the product families in another post very soon.

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