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Life as a Fusion Applications customer is exciting. You’re working with Oracle and your systems integrator to get the implementation right, ensuring that business and IT stakeholders are prepared. As you implement the systems it becomes more and more clear that the way you do business is about to be transformed:

  • You and your people have more information for decision-making, at the point of decision, than you’ve ever had before (See David Haimes’, Director Fusion Applications Product Development, recent blog on this)
  • Individuals and teams are sharing more actively and collaboratively and solving problems faster than they ever have before
  • In some cases the move to Fusion Applications is part of a broader transformation—like moving to more of a performance-based business and culture

It’s a busy time. Oh yes, and there are a significant number of other Oracle customers, partners and potential customers who want to hear all about your experiences. We’re very, very lucky to be working with these forward-thinking customers and to have some of their time.

Spotlight on Fusion CRM Customer EC4U

Oracle Fusion CRM Customer EC4U recently presented their experience and findings to a packed room at the Oracle AppsForum 2012 in Moscow, Russia. The AppsForum gathered Top managers and business industry leaders from across Russia and CIS. EC4U’s Gregor Bublitz, Director Expert Services, was one of a number of Oracle Applications customers featured at this full-day event highlighting the trends that are impacting business today. These customers illustrated in real-world terms, how a balance of the right strategies and actions can have a positive impact on business performance and the bottom line.

About EC4U

EC4U is an IT consultancy and Oracle Platinum Partner based in Germany with more than 150 projects under management and revenues of more than €20M. EC4U is in a unique position as both a customer of and services provider for Fusion CRM. Specifically, their experience as a customer has provided them with in-depth, front-lines experience with their own business and processes that they can translate to their clients success.

EC4U and Oracle Fusion CRM

In addition to managing client projects to success EC4U Marketing and Sales organizations are constantly looking for new business opportunities. In his presentation Mr. Bublitz shared an overview of the company’s IT systems and information sources focused on Sales and Marketing including:

  • Siebel 8.1
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Spreadsheets
  • 3rd Party Lists
  • Campaigns
  • Projects, HR, Financials…
  • EC4U Newsletter Distribution

In his presentation he went on to describe two primary challenges and broke down two internal case studies on EC4U’s use of Oracle Fusion CRM:


  • Data Quality Issues Reach a Breaking Point – hindering the ability to react quickly to new opportunities and creating a less-than-positive experience for customers and prospects (multiple contacts and messages coming from different parts of the organization)
  • Lack of Synchronization Across Systems - limitations in the ability to systematically link systems and update information for process improvement

Case Studies:

  • EC4U Monthly Newsletter – Used to build community, connections, and drive interest in new offerings
  • Outbound Call Campaigns – Used to drive new business on an as-needed basis, focused on specific offerings and targets

After setting the business and IT context Mr. Bublitz took the audience through the implementation and execution phases of each case study, focusing on the use of Fusion CRM for Data Quality Assurance programs (including co-existence of existing systems/data sources and integration between on-premise and Cloud-based systems) and the new, streamlined processes that EC4U has implemented to improve monthly newsletter campaigns.

Lessons Learned

The presentation closed with Mr. Bublitz sharing EC4U’s lessons learned—comparing and contrasting how process, system, and information-level issues have been addressed through their work with Oracle Fusion CRM compared to the previous solution using Microsoft Dynamics.

Our thanks to EC4U and all our Fusion Applications customers for sharing their experiences and perspectives—often in great detail.

Stay tuned to this blog,, Oracle Applications on Facebook, and Oracle Fusion Applications on YouTube as we share and showcase more customer case studies, webcasts, and other information to help you build your Fusion Applications roadmaps.

Their Stories, Their Words - Fusion Applications Customers Speak

  • We can use the software as a service model (SaaS) of Fusion. That gives us the power to concentrate on the business at hand.
  • “ It allows you to transform your business in a way that makes the most sense for you.”

Hear their stories, in their words. Learn why customers have made the move to Fusion Applications:


You will also find interesting informations about Fusion CRM on Facebook:

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