Oracle CloudWorld Arrives in the Windy City

A Guest Post by Natalia Rachelson, Senior Director, Oracle Applications 

Oracle CloudWorld Chicago was buzzing with amazing energy last week. The event drew 800+ customers and prospects from near and far. Some were already running Oracle Applications Cloud. Some were working on plans to move their organizations to the Cloud. Others were interested in just learning more about the Cloud. All were attentive and engaged.

Three themes rang true throughout all sessions: 1) datafication (e.g. explosion of data, Big Data), 2) Generation C (i.e. connected generation), and 3) the importance of customers’ experiences.

GM’s New Customer Engagement Centers

David Mingle, Executive Director of Customer Experience at General Motors, shared how GM changed its approach to Call (Complain) Centers and transformed them into Customer Engagement Centers. The Engagement Centers are no longer cost centers to the company; each one is hyper strategic. Engagement Center agents are trained to:

  • Show empathy
  • Have a high degree of product knowledge
  • Turn a seemingly bad situation into a win for GM or a dealer

GM’s Use of Social: Mingle said the key is connecting with customers and engaging them over the long term. To do that, GM replaced hundreds of different social tools and standardized on a single platform, Oracle Social Cloud, to drive GM’s PR, Marketing, Communications, and Customer Care divisions.

Engage Fully: “Social is not about Likes and Tweets; it is about engagement,” Mingle said more than once. He was referring to engagement across all customer touch points―in customer care, sales, or marketing, on the phone, on the web, and even in print.

Dell’s Success with Oracle Talent Management Cloud

Diane Paquet, HR Technology Director at Dell, spoke about Dell’s need to reinvent itself. Instead of a hardware company, it wanted to become a technology solution provider to enterprise- and medium-size businesses, which required a different skill set from its workforce. To make the transition, Dell adopted Oracle Talent Management Cloud.

The Benefits of Cloud: During the sales cycle, the company was looking for a functionally rich, global solution. It did not favor one software delivery model over another; however, the decision makers saw that the cloud offered deployment agility, configurability, ease of use, and a steady stream of new features delivered via frequent upgrades. They were sold on the benefits.

Modern Technology: To stay relevant in a rapidly changing environment, Paquet said HR professionals need to stay ahead of business needs and always be enablers. That involves having a technology that is agile enough to allow for frequent configuration changes to accommodate new business processes. In addition, the technology has to keep up with the latest trends of mobile and social.

Results with Social Sourcing: Paquet commented that the most dynamic changes for HR professionals are coming in the talent acquisition space. Candidate behaviors are changing and evolving at a rapid rate. LinkedIn and social media are becoming cornerstones for how candidates seek out new job opportunities. Recruiters are limited by the size of their own networks. By leveraging Oracle’s Social Sourcing tool, Dell has been able to extend the reach of its recruiters and engage Dell’s entire employee network. Within the first four months of using Social Sourcing, Dell experienced 7,900 job shares and 3,800 candidate applications.

Coming up to Speed with Oracle Onboarding:
  The Oracle Onboarding tool made Paquet gush. She said the tool allows Dell to deliver a consistent and high-quality experience to all hires. Dell uses Oracle Onboarding in 75 countries around the world and has more than 200 forms configured within it. Last year alone, 20,800 new hires completed their HR “paperwork” in the tool. Using Oracle’s amazing onboarding tool instills even more confidence in new hires about Dell as an employer.

A Word About Personal Smart Devices: Paquet said that more and more employees are using personal mobile devices for work. Companies and systems need to accommodate the BYOD trend.

What’s Good About Oracle? To close, Paquet stated that what makes Oracle stand out from the pack is the fact that Oracle offers the cloud in bites. People can move as little or as much to the cloud as they want.

Good information! Good insight! Go Oracle!


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