Navigating Fusion Applications Product Family Sessions

I won’t get into the details about every session for every product family. You can catch similar posts and pointers from the respective product family teams like Human Capital Management and Customer Relationship Management on their hot topics. However, I can provide an overview of how each of the Fusion Applications product families have allocated their sessions so you know what to look for and can plan your week.

Oracle OpenWorld Tip: When you hear an Oracle speaker reference “Product Families” they’re talking about business solution areas such as Financials, Human Capital Management, etc. “Product Line” is a reference to application suites such as Oracle Fusion Applications, E-Business Suite, Siebel, JD Edwards, etc.

Oracle Fusion Applications 11g

The number of sessions varies by product family, but here is the general framework—there is some rhyme and reason to it:

Oracle Fusion “X” Overview, Strategy and Roadmap Sessions

This is where you’ll get the overall strategy, scope and direction for a particular Oracle Fusion Applications product family. All of these sessions take place on Tuesday afternoon. They start in the slot following the Oracle Fusion Applications Overview session at 1:15 pm. There’s a standard naming convention for each overview session to help you find them. Also, you may want to check out our overall recommendations for Tuesday, October 4th.

Co-Existence Focused Sessions

Co-Existence of Oracle Fusion Applications with existing applications is a key design principle. Just like last year you will continue to see a large portion of the program dedicated to this topic. These sessions drill into specifics around how products within the Fusion Applications product family and the product family overall can add strategic value to the investments you already have in place. The term “co-existence” is present in every solution session title to help you find them.

Solution Sessions

If you attended Oracle OpenWorld 2010 this is probably one of the bigger changes in the program. You’ll find more detailed sessions and specific drill-down on particular products or solution areas. From Oracle Fusion Customer Hub, part of the Fusion CRM product family to Oracle Fusion Distributed Order Orchestration, part of the Fusion Supply Chain Management family these sessions will give you the specifics you want. Getting oriented first with the overviews is still recommended, but feel free to dive as deep as you want. Also, check out the Meet the Experts program if you have specific questions and want to talk to someone about your specific situation.

Answers to the Top Ten Questions

We know that attending conference sessions answers some questions and generates even more. For this reason most product families have a “Top 10” session in their programs to address the frequently asked questions. Many of these tend to be held as a panel, so it’s nice to get a break from PowerPoint slides and hear different perspectives from customers and partners.

Customer Adoption and Experiences Sessions

A year after Fusion Applications’ coming out party at Oracle OpenWorld 2010 this is by and far the biggest change you’ll see. Throughout keynotes, general sessions, solution sessions, et. al. you’ll be seeing and hearing from Fusion Applications customers. There is an overall session, 17221: Oracle Fusion Applications: Adoption and Deployment Overview where, in extreme detail, you’ll hear about who, why and how customers are adopting Fusion Applications and using them today. That session happens at the cross-Fusion Applications level. At the product family level I strongly recommend you search out these sessions and you’ll hear focused discussions on adoption of Fusion Applications by product family. Look for “Adoption and Experiences” in the title.

Finding Fusion Applications Sessions and “Fusion Applications Hot Spots”

Looking up a session’s location in Content Catalog tool or Schedule Builder is still recommended. You can also look them up in this Focus On document for Fusion Applications. But if you’re coming to Oracle OpenWorld with Fusion Applications as one of your major interests we’ve tried to minimize your walking time between sessions. “Fusion Applications Hot Spots” is not an official term, so you won’t find any signs or banners but the majority of them will be run in a select number of rooms—primarily on the 2nd and 3rd floors of Moscone West. You can find a map of these rooms, and recommendations for key strategy and applications technology sessions in this post.

Stay tuned for more, coming soon.

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