KBACE: “We’re All In”

A Guest Post by Senior Vice President Jeff Curtis, KBACE Technologies (pictured left)

KBACE decided early on that we were going to retool our infrastructure and make substantial investments to support Oracle Fusion. We wanted to continue to provide continued thought leadership around Human Capital Management. We knew deploying a new Oracle offering in the cloud was not going to be business as usual. Implementing and supporting SaaS solutions required KBACE to undergo significant change management internally to ensure we could build efficiencies around the resource and delivery models, processes and documentation to provide our clients a quality, lower-cost implementation.

At KBACE Technologies, we purposely are not all things to all people. We know our focus is Human Capital Management, and there was no question that we would be ‘all in’ when we heard about Fusion Applications.

It was an easy decision because Fusion was such a great fit for us. As a global consulting and technology services company, KBACE’s sole focus for the past 14 years has been Oracle E-Business Suite, and specifically, human capital management. We have an innate understanding of HCM and it’s been the primary source of our revenue for many years.

When we saw Fusion on the horizon, we partnered with Oracle four years ago to build a SaaS deployment of Oracle EBS in a multi-tenant environment. We then took what we learned with our EBS SaaS offering (called KBACE Mentor), and teamed up with some of the Fusion early adopter customers. From that experience, we not only gained valuable knowledge about the best way to approach delivery in a SaaS environment, but also how to support clients in a post-go live SaaS environment.

With Fusion implementations, our unique approach is called KBACE Accelerate, which is designed to jump start any implementation. We do a high-level requirements review and a fit/gap analysis to prepare for the new SaaS solution. Then we put together a suitable design, a realistic timeline, a cost projection, and a resource plan.

The mindset we use during this process is to respectfully push for the customers to use as much of Fusion’s best practices as possible. In the past, we might have taken weeks to white board the pros and cons of scenarios and requirements. Asking “why won’t this work for you?” is an effective way to keep tailoring of the application to a minimum and to manage the timeline. And because we’ve spent so much time optimizing our deployments, we can pass on the economic savings to our customers as well.

There is a very real expectation in the industry that SaaS implementations will be fast, like flipping a switch. However, businesses still have to allocate internal resources to understand the new business processes. They still have to train their end users. And for many of them, an HR event —open enrollment, an expiring vendor contract, a burning platform—can drive them to push for an impractical deadline.

We have learned from experience to plan SaaS implementations carefully and set realistic expectations. American Career College is a great cloud customer live on Fusion HCM in southern California with about 1500 employees. Together we met the aggressive timeline to deploy Fusion and bring them through open enrollment on Benefits. It is one of KBACE’s many implementation success stories.

KBACE is joined at the hip with Oracle Sales to close and drive license revenue. The more we are able to share our lessons learned, the more successful Oracle will be. To that end, we built a series of monthly Webinars called the KBACE Market Maker to highlight topics that are resonating with our Fusion HCM customers. We distribute these to both Oracle and KBACE customers and prospects. This is the kind of open communication and collaboration between KBACE, Oracle Sales, and Oracle Development that makes the relationship work so well, and why KBACE has the most live Fusion HCM clients in North America. 


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