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Globally, Oracle has run hundreds of external events focusing on Fusion Applications (including more than 120 Oracle OpenWorld sessions over the past 2 years), created hundreds of pages of collateral, run hundreds of training sessions and is demonstrating Oracle Fusion Applications in customer engagements ~50-times/week.This job is far from done. In fact, the scope, reach and depth of education programs around Fusion Applications is shifting into another gear.

Last week I was lucky enough to participate in 3 different outreach programs at Oracle Headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area. If you're interested in learning more about Oracle Fusion Applications I hope that this quick summary will help you look for these programs and people as they roll out in your region/country/city in the coming months.Here's a quick summary:

User Experience Sales Ambassadors (Samba)

SAMBA Participants

Who: Spearheaded by Oracle’s User Experience (UX) development organization, this internal outreach program brings together a select group of people from Oracle’s sales and consulting teams. The objective is to train-the-trainer as these folks learn and then return to their respective teams around the world.

Why: Oracle has made significant investments developing the Fusion Applications User Experience. However, the research and technology is not just limited to Fusion Applications. In a full day of information, demo and playback sessions the team went through UX innovations that are coming to life in PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, E-Business Suite, and other Oracle applications.

What’s In It For You: How users experience and consume applications has a direct impact on productivity and strategic value. Recent releases of Oracle Applications have benefited from the development of Fusion Applications and so can you. Planning or considering an upgrade? Ask for a drill-down from Oracle on the User Experience from your local team or user group.

Fusion Applications User Experience Advocates

Who: This program, also spearheaded by the User Experience team, brings together a select group of 3rd party, non-Oracle folks from Oracle’s ACE program around the world. Misha Vaughan from the Oracle UX team just posted a great blog entry with more detail.

Why: See Misha’s blog on FXA

What’s In It For You: See Misha’s blog on FXA

International Oracle User Group Community Leaders’ Summit 2012

Who: Every year Oracle brings together user group leaders, across both technology and applications, from around the world for a summit event. What started as a limited group of 6 attendees has now grown to over 150 in 2012.

Why: For Oracle it’s an opportunity to share the latest information on products, strategies and resources. For the user group leaders it’s an opportunity to ask the questions that their groups need answers to, provide feedback, and work with Oracle and each other to formulate plans for the year.

IOUC General Session on Fusion Applications

What’s In It For You: User Groups are yet another opportunity to tell Oracle what you’re looking for and—thru this summit—they provide Oracle an opportunity to brief this community on what they can expect to hear from Oracle in the coming year. Last week Oracle Group Vice President Chris Leone spoke to the entire audience in a general session. He briefly summarized a lot of the news from last year’s Oracle OpenWorld—and then spent the majority of the time talking about:

1) Where and how Oracle technologies and open standards went into the development of Fusion Applications and the value they provide

2) Oracle Fusion Applications adoption patterns. Based on real customer experiences, examples of why Fusion Applications were selected, how they are being used, and how that impacts their existing applications environment. Look for more information on this soon.

These two topics map to two of the most common questions we hear; How can I begin to prepare for Fusion Applications and How are Fusion Applications being used by customers today? IOUC attendees heard the answers last week and if you're participating in a user group today you'll likely have the opportunity to hear more in an event near you in the coming year. 

That’s just three of a number of outreach programs around Oracle Fusion Applications. They just happened to all be taking place at Oracle HQ last week. Keep an eye out for these programs in your area and for the people who participated in them.

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