HR, The Cloud, and Flexible Options

A guest post by Steve Boese, Director, Talent Strategy, Oracle

One of the most helpful consumer technology breakthroughs in the last 15 years or so, (no I am not going to say the iPhone), has been the consumer’s ability to track the movement and delivery of packages at just about every step along the shipment process. Think about it, it was not that long ago when ordering some new clothes or a holiday gift from a mail order catalog, (anyone under 30 may have to ask an older colleague how that worked), resulted in an almost daily ritual of wondering when the package would arrive; and for kids, of rushing home from school to ask Mom or Dad if the incredible new toy or gadget or new pack of Sea Monkeys had shown up at the door. Sure the anticipation was kind of fun, (not really), but the lack of precise information was a definite problem.

This consumer problem was also an opportunity for the big shippers like FedEx and UPS, and was eventually addressed by the emergence of sophisticated systems to track and make available to consumers detailed delivery information. Now, those systems will even proactively notify the consumer via email or SMS message on the progress of the delivery.

With these sophisticated logistics systems, information is available faster, in real-time, on-demand, and often supplies the needed intelligence and insight that consumers and businesses need to make decisions - from small ones like, ‘What time do I need to get home to sign for my package?’, to larger ones like, ‘When can I promise final delivery to my customer?’. The consumer doesn’t really have to know, (and likely doesn’t think about), exactly how that information gets to her smartphone, only that it is accurate, reliable, and when she needs it.

Similarly, in our focus with Fusion Human Capital Management Applications, while we know that delivering the next generation of HCM applications via the Oracle Public Cloud is an important and powerful capability in helping and enabling organizations to meet fast changing business demand, seize opportunities, and scale resources with great speed and elasticity; we also know that the delivery mechanism of these applications is only one part of the solution. The HCM solutions themselves, regardless of how they are delivered, have to enable and empower organizational leadership, front-line managers, individual employees, and Human Resources professionals much in the same way that real-time, flexible, and accurate shipping information has transformed the logistics business.

Additionally, HCM solution deployment decisions also must align with the organization’s business, people, and technology strategies that will combine to direct and enable their decisions to adopt cloud computing solutions at a pace that fits their business. Organizations often vary quite a bit in terms of how rapidly they wish to move to the cloud and to what extent they intend to and are ready to adopt cloud technologies. With Oracle’s flexible solutions and cloud capability, we enable customers to evolve and transform to cloud at whatever pace makes sense for their business.

In reality the technology delivery mechanism a customer chooses, whether the Public Cloud, a private cloud either self-hosted or managed by a third-party, or a hybrid-cloud environment with some combination of the two approaches; must do more than simply ‘deliver’ technology solutions, it must empower every user in the organization with the information where, when, how, and in what format they need. It is the combination of capability and delivery that will make the difference for organizations today, and with Oracle’s history of building, deploying, innovating, and supporting both the applications and the delivery capabilities, we have a solution that can fit any organization’s needs.

Now you’ll have to excuse me, I need to run out to the mailbox to see if my shipment of X-Ray specs has arrived!

You can learn more about the Oracle Public Cloud at, and about Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management Applications here.


Interesting read Steve! It is quite amazing how the 'Cloud' has quite quickly become the nucleus not just at the Enterprise level but also a lot in our daily lives.

I would like to add on how Oracle Fusion HCM Talent Management system has embraced Enterprise 2.0 capabilities from a social eco-system perspective to be able to connect with people, processes, and content facilitating effective team work.

Being part of Taleo, I am eagerly looking forward to seeing the marriage of Taleo TM with Oracle Fusion TM.

Again, thanks for an interesting read Steve!

Posted by Hari Kattana on April 20, 2012 at 10:06 AM PDT #

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