Hitting the Road: Event Updates from IHRIM in Chicago and HCI in New York

One of the most enjoyable and rewarding parts of working on the Oracle Fusion HCM team is getting the opportunity to attend and participate in industry events and conferences. Sometimes we, here on the Oracle team, get to share our perspectives and insights about Human Capital, Talent Management, Recruiting, and of course HCM Solutions; sharing thoughts about industry trends, workforce management challenges, and how technology can support, enable, and help drive better business outcomes. But more importantly, when we attend industry events, we get to spend time with customers, partners, and the larger community of incredibly talented, passionate, and dedicated professionals that are collectively moving the industry and the practice of human resources forward.

Recently I had the privilege of attending and presenting at two recent industry events, the IHRIM Annual Conference in Chicago; and the Human Capital Institute, (HCI), Strategic Talent Acquisition event in New York City. Both of these events, while certainly focused on differing audiences and subject matter, were in equal parts filled with interesting and engaging content and speakers, enthusiastic and eager attendees, and provided excellent forums for myself and the rest of the folks on the Oracle team to meet, get to know, and learn more about the challenges and opportunities facing organizations today.

IHRIM Annual Conference, April 2012, Chicago, IL

At the IHRIM Conference, I presented two sessions; one on the challenges facing organizations in an increasingly competitive environment, and where fostering innovation is fast becoming a priority for Human Resources and business leaders the world over. Needless to say, the challenges facing the modern organization are numerous, but by thinking differently about jobs and skills, understanding talent needs and capability, improving internal and external collaboration, aligning rewards with strategies, and taking advantage of the tremendous advances in cloud-based HCM technologies, we think organizations can adapt and continue to innovate and succeed.  The session I had at IHRIM was about the Millennial Generation in the workplace, and as always, the conversations about generational attitudes, preferences, and work styles were lively, challenging, and definitely illuminating. The topic is interesting mainly because almost everyone has an opinion and can relate at least a little to how the workplace is changing as more and more Millennials enter positions of responsibility.

2012 Strategic Talent Acquisition Conference, April 2012, New York, New York

At the HCI Talent Acquisition event, and with an audience composed of senior leaders in talent acquisition and recruiting from many of the world’s largest and recognizable organizations, I talked some more about the innovation challenges facing companies today, as the battle for the best talent continues to rage, the need to compete globally and locally becomes more acute, and how social and mobile technologies continue to disrupt industries and practices everywhere. The job of a talent acquisition leader gets harder and harder all the time, as today it seems that in many areas needed skills are in short supply, and demographic conditions, (rapidly retiring ranks of more experienced workers, relative shallowness of succession pools in middle management, etc.), are combining to place more pressure on the recruiting function than in recent years. Again, we think that by thinking a little more expansively about talent sourcing, leveraging the latest tools to help connect with potential candidates, and making sure the organization’s employer value proposition aligns well with the target talent pool are some ways in which organizations can rise to these challenges, and continue to feed the innovation engine.

In Summary

Both IHRIM and HCI Talent Acquisition were fantastic events, and many thanks to the organizers for allowing me to participate. As I mentioned at the open, meeting and engaging with so many interested and interesting people in both of these communities was the highlight of the experience for me, and for the teams we had at the events. Look for future updates later in the year as the Oracle Fusion HCM team looks forward to continue participation, dialog, and listening to the important conversations happening in the Human Resources and HR Technology spaces.


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