Fusion Talent Review Is A Great Fit For Oracle

A guest post by Kirsten Hanson, Head of Global Organization and Talent Development, Oracle

In the last decade, the war for talent has been intensified by the increasing demand and the decreasing supply of knowledge workers. The result is a momentum in the marketplace to understand the talent in one's company. Here at Oracle, we understand this begins with a strategic partnership between our HR leaders and our business leaders. This is crucial in developing a more holistic and well-integrated approach to prepare our leaders and future leaders for continued success. (See my previous post: The Business Drivers for Fusion Talent Review at Oracle.)

In a recent Taleo Webcast, Oracle President Mark Hurd said, "Strategic talent management is no longer a nice-to-have investment. It's a key driver of business success and financial performance. In fact, it's the number one issue for CEOs today." All of us must understand our talent. We believe Fusion Applications is the clear choice to get us there.

The insight Fusion Talent Review will provide on Oracle's employees will help us prepare for the future by understanding who the high impact talent is, who might be at risk of leaving, and what roles are the best fit for individuals. We will be able to do a better job of tracking employees' progress. The data will help us improve decision making and prevent potential talent management issues before they happen. Additionally, over time we will be able to scrutinize past data, analytics, and best practices to understand emerging trends and better determine how to meet future needs of the business, thus leading organizational evolution.

Historically, in HR, we could see basic information about an employee's job history. Using Fusion Talent Review, we will be able to see more robust employee information such as: What motivates them? What are their languages? What certifications do they have? Are they mobile? What are their interests? It will be a much more complete, multidimensional picture of the skills, capabilities, and aspirations of the people in the organization.

Timing and Next Steps

We expect to go live on Fusion Talent Review later this calendar year. We've already gone through a very successful mock Talent Review process using the tool and will conduct a final pilot within the business starting in October. Then, we will refresh the talent assessments that we've done and conduct the next level of Talent Review Boards. It's so important that our talent strategy includes a consistent process and cycles across the organization to ensure up-to-date, accurate data ─ and that's exactly what we will get with Fusion Talent Review.

We're doing very little in the way of time-consuming customizations because the default configuration settings are a good fit for our business. For example, we were using a 12-box grid for talent and will be moving to the nine-box grid which Fusion offers. This will require managers to make more rigorous decisions around the performance and potential of their reports, which will increase the consistency and validity of our talent data. It also provides us with a simpler framework for development actions and activities.

What's great about Fusion is its ability to co-exist with other applications. At the recent Oracle HCM Users Group (OHUG) conference, a woman from the audience asked why we didn't implement all of Fusion HCM at one time if we're trying to get holistic insight about our workforce. It was a great lead in to talk about the choice customers have to either uptake all of Fusion or incrementally add the functionality they need.

In addition to the Talent Review implementation, we are working on a roadmap to implement other parts of the broad Fusion HCM suite. We're very excited about what the future holds for Fusion HCM here at Oracle!

Fusion HCM Changes the Game

Speaking of OHUG, there was a lot of excitement about Fusion HCM among the attendees. We're expecting more of the same at Oracle OpenWorld 2012 when our implementation story is presented again. This superb combination of Fusion technology and talent changes the conversation among HR professionals about helping people grow their careers so they want to stay at a company.

Fusion enables HR and business leaders to strategically discuss their business units and make better talent and organizational decisions. In turn, those richer conversations and fact-based conclusions can help deliver higher profitability per employee. Once we are live on Fusion Talent Review, I will report back on our progress and the difference that Fusion Talent Review is making for our business.

Dr. Kirsten Hanson
Head of Global Organization and Talent Development
Oracle Corporation


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