Thursday Jan 31, 2013

Oracle Cloud Tops 10,000 Customers and 25 Million Users

“Organizations are turning to the cloud not to be technologically hip but rather to help themselves begin to strategically transform the ways in which they do business,” says Oracle’s Bob Evans. In this meaty article published in Forbes Magazine, he builds a strong case for why C-level executives can’t ignore cloud computing in 2013. Read the article and learn more about CloudWorld, Oracle’s rolling-thunder roadshow.[Read More]

Thursday Jan 24, 2013

Adding Gamification into the Oracle User Experience

The new buzzword in the business world is gamification. It’s the process of making real-life tasks more like playing a game. The premise is that users are more likely to complete tasks if they are having fun. No one should be surprised that our A-1 Oracle Applications User Experience team is exploring the use of gamification in the enterprise work space. In this blog post, Erika Webb explains the research, the uses, and the effects of gamification on the next generation designs for the Oracle user experience.[Read More]

Socializing the Finance Department

David Haimes and his team are developing financial applications for Fusion. And, yes, they are embedding collaboration and social features in the business processes -- not because it’s the thing to do, but because finance professionals are asking for it. That’s right. The cultural change to socialize Finance Departments is coming from within the departments. These professionals see how using these tools can drive efficiencies, transparency, and better decision making. For David, working with them to socialize Fusion Financials is collaboration at its finest.[Read More]

Tuesday Jan 22, 2013

Ray Wang Has Questions; Steve Miranda Has Answers

I’m not sure you’d consider Ray Wang a household name – but he is an influential analyst, author, advisor, award winner, and change agent. Recently he talked to Steve Miranda about the state of Oracle Fusion Apps in what Ray called “a no-holds barred honest conversation about what’s working, what’s not, and what to look forward to in 2013.”

In Ray’s mind, Oracle was quiet about Fusion Apps in 2012, so he started the interview by asking if Fusion was selling. It’s “selling well …,” answered Steve, “… 400 customers … better than Salesforce. com … rich customer base.” But Ray needed more. “To be honest with you, Steve, we aren’t seeing Oracle much in head to head competitive new deals. We don’t see big press releases about new wins. Where are the customers? Who’s buying what and why?"

[Read More]

Thursday Jan 03, 2013

Good Read by Steve Miranda: “ERP in the Cloud…”

Most publications want to lead with something really good at the beginning of a new year. Financial Executive magazine is no different and chose an article written by Steve Miranda to draw in its January readers. The article is entitled “ERP in the Cloud: CFOs See the Value of Running Enterprise Applications as a Service.” Good thought leadership from an outstanding thought leader.[Read More]

The State of Social in the Enterprise

Before Meg Bear rang in the New Year, she took a few minutes to write this post about the social phenomenon – its impact, its applicability, its users, its power, and its evolution. She does a nice job of gathering up what many of us have observed over the last year and making sense of it all. We think you’ll enjoy her relevant insights and predictions.[Read More]

Monday Dec 24, 2012

Remember When Customer Service Felt Personal?

Our shopping opportunities today are a far cry from those of our great grandfathers. Those patriarchs were completely dependent on the country stores where a clerk asked about the family, shared a little gossip, and helped them get just what they needed. The results were satisfying shopping experiences. Technology has made shopping more convenient and faster, but in many cases, much less personal. In this post, JP Saunders, challenges businesses to bring back the country store connection with front-line agents using RightNow solutions.[Read More]

We Predict Big Results with Oracle Fusion Sales Predictor

It’s a dog eat dog world out there. As the competition nips at your heels, many sales managers are wrestling with ‘who’s buying what at what price?’ Stop the tail chasing and take a look at the Oracle app that looks at historical data of things that customers have purchased, uncovers selling trends, and uses these valuable insights to make predictions about what they will buy next.[Read More]

Thursday Nov 29, 2012

Oracle Fusion Tap Story

A story of true passion, a story of invention, a story you haven't heard before.

Take a glimpse into the daily lives of the innovators who took the power and convenience of the iPad and coupled it with the latest advancements in cloud-based enterprise applications to bring you Oracle Fusion Tap.

For your viewing pleasure -- the Fusion Tap story is full of vision and verve. Watch it here.

A Complete Customer Experience Solution (3 of 3 in 'No Customer Left Behind' Series)

No one has built a better customer service portfolio than Oracle. In this post, David Vap talks about the importance of finding the right technology that can bridge the gaps across your channels, interactions, departments, and repositories. He walks us through Oracle’s CX offering and suggests some next steps.[Read More]

Monday Nov 26, 2012

Customers Go On Record About Oracle ERP and HCM Cloud Services

Listen to these Oracle customers from Red Robin, Herbalife, LendingClub, and about how they're using Oracle ERP and HCM Cloud Services. Collectively they're driving cost savings, managing global, fast paced growth, automating processes, implementing quickly in the cloud, and much more.
[Read More]

Online Media Daily: Oracle Takes Social Marketing Seriously

Oracle's approach to social marketing is visionary. Online Media Daily says that Oracle is focused on showing marketers how to integrate social data into corporate business processes and how to "socialize" the corporate world. Props for our great acquisitions and organically grown social tools! The market recognizes that we are poised to seize the moment in socially-enabled business apps.[Read More]

"Expecting A Different Result?" (2 of 3 in 'No Customer Left Behind' Series)

“You can’t keep doing the same things, give it a customer experience name, and expect a different result,” says David Vap, Group Vice President in Apps Development. In this post, David lays out how companies can execute a customer experience strategy to deliver a better brand experience for their customers. It’s not optional in a world where customers have the power.[Read More]

Thursday Nov 15, 2012

No Customer Left Behind

David Vap, Group Vice President of Product Development, takes us on a three-part journey into the world of customer experience. From a thought leadership position, he advises businesses to lead with a mindset that focuses on the customer rather than on technology. In this post, he challenges your customers to think about how they are interacting with the always-on culture where anytime anywhere consumers have the power and influence to declare, “Hey, these guys suck!”[Read More]

Wednesday Nov 07, 2012

The Whole Enchilada — Fusion Supply Chain in the Cloud

No other vendor can offer everything in the cloud the way Oracle can. Customers can get HR from Workday and CRM from Salesforce, but they can get the whole enchilada—HCM, CRM and ERP—all from Oracle on one platform.  If you’re thinking about using Oracle's Cloud Services to implement the newest Oracle Fusion Supply Chain applications, this post is for you![Read More]

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