Thursday Apr 25, 2013

If You Missed COLLABORATE 13 ...

A guest post by Amrita Mehrok, Senior Director, Financials Product Strategy, Oracle Applications

Oracle has more than half a million customers who belong to user groups all over the world. At COLLABORATE 13 in Denver, CO, Mark Hurd called them “our most valuable company asset,” especially those who attended the conference this month. This post is a recap of the event from Oracle attendee and speaker Amrita Mehrok. She also includes a link to a video that captures lots of smiles and thoughtful reactions from attendees, plus a link to a blog post by Dan Power from Hub Design summarizing Mark’s speech and his Q&A.[Read More]

Steve Woods: "What We Learn Online Can and Should Drive Your CX Offline"

Steve Woods co-founded Eloqua. He helped create the marketing automation industry with Eloqua's launch back in 1999. He’s an accomplished author and an innovator. He was voted one of the 50 most influential people in sales lead management in 2012 (by Sales Lead Management Association). And he’s part of Oracle Apps' bench strength. Woods published an article in CMSWire last week, The X Factor: The Convergence of Customer Experience and Web Experience Management, talking about how to bring together marketing automation with better Web experiences and management to boost the CX experiences of customers.[Read More]

Wednesday Apr 17, 2013

Referrals 2.0: What HCM Has Learned From Groupon and the “Like” Button

A guest post by Jim Milton, Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle Applications

There are a billion consumers connected to one another via social networks. One billion of us! That’s a lot of eyeballs and a lot of opportunity for marketers to reach us online. They can choose to interrupt our conversations with low-performing display ads, or become the topic of conversation so that we spread the word more naturally through trusted recommendations and referrals. Marketers are increasingly choosing the latter because of its effectiveness. And employers have caught on to the concept with an eye toward driving talent referrals and job sharing.

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Getting to the Cloud via New York City

A guest post by Melissa Vito, Senior Director, Outbound Product Management, Oracle Applications 

America’s favorite pastime is watching TV, right? But wait! It seems we’re now spending more time monitoring Facebook than network TV, according to Jeff Dachis, a social marketing guru from the Dachis Group. I heard him share trends like this, along with observations and advice, at CloudWorld New York two weeks ago.

Dachis said that having the tools to express ourselves at any time to any audience has created the largest shift of the communications landscape in the history of mankind. (“The revolution is here!”) We’ve moved from “mass communications to a mass of communicators” which has a big impact on the way businesses interact with us as consumers. 

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Wednesday Apr 03, 2013

Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry Tells the World About Fusion!

Dubai is a prime tourist destination and rated as one of the best places to live in the Middle East. The city is known for its wonderfully, multi-cultural environment and beautiful buildings. A lesser known fact is that 100,000 of the business community members in this thriving city are represented and supported by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce. And on an even more unrecognized note, this Dubai Chamber of Commerce is implementing Fusion.[Read More]

“Yes, Fusion Is Living Up To Our Expectations!”

We went live with Oracle Fusion Talent Review in late 2012. During the implementation, I blogged about Oracle’s business drivers for a new talent management process, Oracle President Mark Hurd’s position on talent management, and the benefits we were anticipating from Oracle Fusion Talent Review. Now I’m back to report on the progress of the rollout—and to let you know how excited we are that the new talent review process and technology are already making a difference in our business![Read More]

Friday Mar 22, 2013

What’s An Apps UX Sales Ambassador?

A guest post by Misha Vaughan, User Experience Architect, Oracle Fusion Applications

The Apps UX team continuously seeks out feedback from customers and partners on our applications products. We also find it extremely valuable to know what our colleagues at Oracle think, especially when we get feedback like this from a recent training event.

“The insight into what the UX team does, how the team "navigates" and persuades the larger Oracle organization, the "fresh" perspective -- that changed my mind from a skeptic to a loyal supporter to a front-line evangelist" ...

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Thursday Mar 14, 2013

Everyone Does NOT Speak English

Why choose a cloud service vendor that promises language support down the road when you can select one that can meet all your global and multinational needs today? In this post, Joe Gum talks about how Fusion Applications was built from the ground up with the global customer in mind. Our product suite has the flexibility to adapt to various languages and local business practices while complying with local regulations. These capabilities give your customers a competitive advantage. After all, the language of business is not English; it is the language of the customer.[Read More]

Thursday Mar 07, 2013

Dreadfully Sorry, I Don’t Have The TIME

A guest post by JP Saunders, Senior Director, Oracle Product Strategist

“Can I help you?” In this post, JP Saunders talks about how that customer-friendly question can also be time friendly. In these data rich times, we expect vendors to apply their understanding of us (and what we’re trying to do) to the interaction so that they don’t waste our time. The offer to help is just “a smile on an empty box“ when there's no relevance, context, or awareness. JP talks about Oracle's commitment to help businesses reduce the time-footprint on their customers' lives and the solutions that make that possible.

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Wednesday Feb 20, 2013

Social Recruiting: A Big Opportunity for Oracle Apps

A guest post by Mike Mallin, Oracle Product Strategist by way of SelectMinds

Job seekers’ are finding that their social networks are more effective than job boards and company Websites. In response, companies are spending increasing time and money on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter with mixed results, leaving them hungry for real solutions. In this post, Mike Mallin, a fresh voice from SelectMinds, explains how Oracle’s Taleo talent acquisition offering, bolstered by the SelectMinds solution, can increase high-quality hires and create a cost-efficient social recruitment marketing channel. The proof is in the results with eBay and its social employee referral program.

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After the Value Chain Summit in San Francisco

Increasingly, companies are using their supply chains to compete and gain marketshare. And that means transforming their supply chains into value chains. Oracle helped guide hundreds of companies toward supply chain excellence at the Oracle Value Chain Summit in San Francisco in early February. In this post, we have links to presentations and a big thank you to our customers. [Read More]

Monday Feb 11, 2013

Oracle and Eloqua: Driving the Modern Marketing Era

A combined post from Joe Payne, CEO, Eloqua and Steve Miranda, Executive Vice President Application Development, Oracle

As of last Friday, February 8, 2013, Oracle completed the acquisition of Eloqua, and Eloqua’s products will become a core component of the Oracle Marketing Cloud. The combination of our companies will accelerate the pace of the Modern Marketing revolution and enable Oracle and Eloqua customers to offer exceptional customer experiences. Read the whole press release announcing the acquisition.

This is an exciting milestone not just for our companies and employees, but more importantly, we’ll be able to deliver a variety of key benefits to our customers. By adding Eloqua’s best-in-class Modern Marketing platform to Oracle’s Customer Experience suite, marketers will be able to play a critical role in delivering an integrated and highly personalized customer experience.

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Sunday Feb 10, 2013

Changing From a CRM Caterpillar to a Customer Experience Butterfly

Oracle came out as a clear winner in Paul Greenberg's CX challenge to technology vendors. David Vap built a conclusive case for why Oracle is the only vendor with the most comprehensive and well-thought-out CX solution. And internally Oracle has aligned its Sales, Development, and Marketing around the goals of CX, providing not only the right software solutions and services, but also collaborating with thought leaders in the space to aid customer CX transformation.[Read More]

Social Customer Service: The CX Dream

A guest post by Mike Stiles, Senior Content Manager, Oracle

As consumers, we really want to build connections with brands that we like. But when the customer experience falls short with traditional phone, email, and company Websites, we turn to social and mobile to get satisfaction. Seems like a real opportunity for companies, right? In this post, Mike Stiles says that companies are missing the boat and not using social networks to deliver dream customer experiences. Think about it the next time you encounter a multi-level phone tree. Do they really want your business?

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Thursday Jan 31, 2013

Oracle Cloud Tops 10,000 Customers and 25 Million Users

“Organizations are turning to the cloud not to be technologically hip but rather to help themselves begin to strategically transform the ways in which they do business,” says Oracle’s Bob Evans. In this meaty article published in Forbes Magazine, he builds a strong case for why C-level executives can’t ignore cloud computing in 2013. Read the article and learn more about CloudWorld, Oracle’s rolling-thunder roadshow.[Read More]

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