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Workaround for APEX Keyboard Shortcuts

Monica Godoy
Principal Product Manager

APEX Keyboard Shortcuts were introduced around four years ago in version 5 and gave us a new way to navigate to different regions and even to save and run a page. Now in APEX 19.1 we have more interesting options such as, Create: Page, Create: Page as Copy and Spotlight Search. All of them work perfectly in US keyboard layout but what happens with other layouts and languages?

Taking a Spanish layout keyboard as an example, from Page Designer let’s create a new page using the Keyboard Shortcut Ctrl+/,C,P. The shortcut doesn’t work because this keyboard layout doesn’t have a "/" key, instead I have to press Shift+7 to get that character.

In order to use the Shortcuts in any layout or language keyboard, we need to know which key produces the expected keycode. Following the keys that can vary from one keyboard and another:

Keycode Key
191 /
222 Quote

Using Keycode I found out that the "}" key produces code = 191 on my Spanish keyboard. Testing again the shortcut Ctrl+},C,P I got the create page wizard. Having this solved makes the other shortcuts which involves the "/" key works perfectly too.



Please keep in mind that there are a lot of layouts and languages keyboards and if your keyboard is different from US keyboard, you will probably have to find out the key which produces the expected code for your keyboard.



Thanks to Shakeeb Rahman  and John Snyders to help to understand the issue and provide a workaround.