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  • November 25, 2020

Running Customer Managed ORDS on Autonomous Database? Here's how to get ready for APEX 20.2 Upgrade

Joel Kallman
Vice President, Software Development

Are you using Oracle Application Express (APEX) with Customer Managed Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) on Autonomous Database?  If so, then follow these simple instructions in advance of the Oracle APEX 20.2 upgrade.


Before APEX is upgraded in your Autonomous Database, you will need to stage the contents of the APEX images directory on your server where you're running customer managed ORDS.

  1. Go to the Oracle APEX download page and download the Oracle APEX 20.2 English-language only distribution to the server where you have ORDS running.
  2. Navigate to where you downloaded this file and unzip apex_20.2_en.zip.
  3. Copy (or move) the apex/images directory to the directory where the APEX images are staged on your server.  This corresponds to the directory referenced by ORDS configuration parameter standalone.static.path.  The name of the directory you place the contents of apex/images into must be named, which corresponds to the specific APEX version number.

As an example, if the value of ORDS configuration parameter standalone.static.path is /opt/oracle/apex/images, you would issue the command:

mv apex/images /opt/oracle/apex/images/

At the end of this operation, the directory /opt/oracle/apex/images/ should now contain the complete contents of the apex/images folder from the APEX 20.2 distribution.  The directory /opt/oracle/apex/images should still contain a directory with the APEX images of your current APEX release, for example, /opt/oracle/apex/images/

Controlling when APEX is upgraded

You should receive email notification from Oracle Cloud when APEX is targeted to be upgraded in your Autonomous Database.  However, you will only be provided an approximate day and time when this will occur.  You can elect to defer the APEX upgrade and then initiate the upgrade at a later time.  This would afford you time to stage the APEX images directory, in advance of the upgrade.  Please see the following blog post for more details:

Control when APEX is upgraded on your Oracle Autonomous Database


We are working on a much easier method to manage the APEX upgrade process for customers using customer managed ORDS, with the goal of removing the requirement to download and stage the APEX images directory.  We hope to obviate it.  However, for the time being, this is the process to follow in advance of the APEX 20.2 upgrade on Autonomous Database, when using customer managed ORDS.

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