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  • April 12, 2017

REST Services and Application Express 5.1 - Part 1

Carsten Czarski
Consulting Member of technical Staff

REST Client AssistantMore and more Application Express developers are faced with the requirement to integrate REST services or HTTP/JSON data feeds into their applications. Application Express provides great support for SOAP web services, but for REST services using JSON to exchange data, the built-in functionality is limited. For instance, all the JSON parsing has to be done manually by employing PL/SQL code or SQL functions.

Application Express 5.1 contains two new packaged applications are provided for REST service integration: REST Client Assistant and Sample REST Services.

This article will show how you can integrate an external REST service or an HTTP/JSON data feed into your APEX application - and how the REST Client Assistant will help you with that: All required SQL and PL/SQL code will be generated for you!