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  • July 19, 2017

Oracle Announces Oracle Application Express Curriculum

Joel Kallman
Senior Director, Software Development

The curriculum for Oracle Application Express (APEX) 5.1 is now generally available.  Additionally, the Oracle Application Express curriculum is now available with a permissive-use license, namely Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License and Universal Permissive License (UPL) Version 1.0.

The Application Express courseware, which has been in development for the past year, includes 16 distinct lessons, complete with PowerPoint presentations, hands-on-labs in PDF format and all necessary SQL scripts and application export files.  Additionally, the source files of the hands-on-labs are provided in Microsoft Word format, suitable for translation or excerpting.

The Oracle APEX community has come together in the past to provide crowd-sourced translations for the runtime user interface of Oracle Application Express (see translate-apex.com).  Oracle intends to work directly with the owners of translate-apex.com (Pretius sp. z o.o. sk) to organize and provide the crowd-sourced translations of the Oracle Application Express curriculum, making native-language Oracle APEX educational materials freely available to all, globally.

If you are an educator at an accredited institution, you are also able to access this same curriculum for free from Oracle Academy, as part of the Oracle Application Express – Application Development Foundations.  With Oracle Academy, you gain access to a hosted work environment for your students (no software to install), you can track your students progress, and there are specialized learning paths and access to other curriculum, including Database Foundations, Database Design and Programming with SQL and Programming with PL/SQL.  For more information, visit academy.oracle.com.

The Application Express curriculum will be kept up to date with future major releases of Oracle Application Express, with the goal of releasing the updated curriculum on the same day as the product release.  Additionally, it is Oracle's future goal to share these resources with the Application Express community and maintain them in a github repository, with the same permissive use license.

If you wish to download the Oracle Application Express curriculum, you can access it directly at apex.oracle.com/education.

Additional Information

Oracle Application Express is a high productivity platform for creating declarative, low code Web applications on the Oracle Database and in the Oracle Cloud.  To learn more about Oracle Application Express, visit apex.oracle.com.  To learn more about Oracle Database Cloud, visit cloud.oracle.com/database.  To access the Oracle Application Express curriculum, visit apex.oracle.com/education.