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  • December 21, 2016

Oracle Announces Oracle Application Express 5.1

Joel Kallman
Vice President, Software Development

Oracle Application Express 5.1 Release Announcement!

Oracle Application Express 5.1 is now generally available! This release is a great leap forward in end-user productivity and introduces powerful new declarative features, enabling you to develop, design and deploy beautiful, responsive, database-driven desktop and mobile applications using only a browser. 

"At Insum, we are very excited with the upcoming APEX 5.1 release. The new declarative Master-Detail-Detail capabilities, possible using the new Interactive Grid, will greatly assist many of our clients convert legacy applications to Oracle Application Express. I am not even mentioning the hundreds of new improvements that the APEX team delivers with each new release" said Francis Mignault, co-founder, CTO, Insum Solutions.   

The marquee features of Oracle Application Express 5.1 include:

Interactive Grids

Interactive Grid is a new fully featured grid component that provides powerful reporting and editing capabilities.  It includes all of the features you would expect for displaying data, including frozen columns, scroll pagination, filtering, sorting, aggregations, charting, and more.  With an editable Interactive Grid, users can add, modify, and delete data directly within the component. Additionally, Interactive Grid is designed to support all item types and item type plug-ins, enabling easy editing of columns with a variety of input controls. Finally, with Interactive Grids, developers can now easily render master-detail-detail relationships that can be n-levels deep or across.

Oracle JET Charts

The data visualization engine of Oracle Application Express 5.1 is now powered by Oracle JET (JavaScript Extension Toolkit), a modular open source toolkit based on modern JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5 design and development principles.  The charts in Oracle Application Express 5.1 are fully HTML5 capable and work on any modern browser, regardless of platform, or screen size.  These charts provide numerous ways to visualize a data set, including bar, line, area, range, combination, scatter, bubble, polar, radar, pie, funnel, and stock charts.

Universal Theme 

Oracle Application Express 5.1 builds on the success of the Universal Theme and introduces new templates, theme styles and Live Template Options. Just like Theme Roller, Live Template Options enables you to customize your application in real time, allowing you to try out various template options to get the perfect UI for your application. This release includes Font APEX, a new icon library with over 1,100 icons, which has been specifically designed to complement the development of business applications with Oracle Application Express and Universal Theme.  Universal Theme now provides declarative support for right-to-left languages, modal dialogs that will automatically grow or shrink in height to fit their contents, and over 100 other enhancements. You can learn more in the Universal Theme Sample Application which has been updated to provide better examples, more documentation, an icon and button builder, and a whole lot more!

Application Builder Improvements

In Oracle Application Express 5.1, wizards have been streamlined with smarter defaults and fewer steps, enabling developers to create components quicker than ever before. 

There have also been a number of enhancements to Page Designer, including the integration of Component View, layout customizations, property filtering, and more. Page Designer can now be customized to be displayed in two or three columns, and individual tabs can be reordered using drag and drop. Property Editor now features a live search filter enabling developers to quickly find properties. These features, along with improved page navigation and refined user interface, are designed to enhance the overall developer experience.

Productivity Apps

Oracle Application Express 5.1 includes enhancements to all existing productivity and sample apps, and also introduces three new productivity apps - Competitive Analysis, Quick SQL and REST Client Assistant:

  • Quick SQL provides a quick and intuitive way to generate a relational SQL data model based on text in a markdown-like format. Additionally, the app provides many options to generate SQL including generating triggers, APIs and history tables.  
  • REST Client Assistant enables developers to access RESTful services defined in both Application Express workspaces and public services. The app provides metadata-driven mapping from service response data to SQL result set columns. The generated SQL and PL/SQL code can then be used directly in Oracle Application Express applications.
  • Competitive Analysis can be used to create side-by-side comparisons which can be edited by many users simultaneously. These comparisons can be scored and displayed in aggregated chart form, or in a more detailed text form.

Improvements have been made to all of the Sample and Productivity apps, capitalizing on the new functionality of Oracle Application Express 5.1. The Sample Charts app has been completely revamped to showcase the all new Oracle JET Charts and is an outstanding demonstration of the data visualization capabilities in Oracle Application Express 5.1. The Sample Master-Detail app now highlights the different ways related tables can be displayed using a marquee page or different combinations of Interactive Grids. This release also includes three new Sample apps: Sample Interactive Grids, Sample Projects, and Sample REST Services. The Sample Interactive Grids app demonstrates the rich functionality of Interactive Grids including read-only, editable, and advanced capabilities. 

"Oracle Application Express will allow you to build any data-driven web application with less effort as compared to traditional programming languages. The added Interactive Grid component in APEX 5.1 will extend the capabilities of Application Express, thereby covering even the most complex requirements for dialogs out-of-the-box. I therefore foresee a great uptake of customers that will migrate their legacy apps to Application Express" said Niels de Bruijn, Business Unit Manager and Oracle Ace Director, MT AG, Germany.  

Additional Information

Oracle Application Express is a high productivity platform for creating declarative, low code Web applications on the Oracle Database and in the Oracle Cloud.  To learn more about Oracle Application Express, visit apex.oracle.com.  To learn more about Oracle Database Cloud, visit cloud.oracle.com/database

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Comments ( 2 )
  • Mhd Feeroz Monday, August 7, 2017
    Is there any document that supports to install the new version of Oracle Application Express 5.1. Please do inbox me.
  • Joel Kallman Monday, August 7, 2017
    Hi Mhd,

    Yes - it's all right there in the APEX installation documentation. You can access this at https://apex.oracle.com/doc51.

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