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Announcing Oracle APEX 19.2

Joel Kallman
Vice President, Software Development

Oracle Application Express (APEX) 19.2 is now generally available!  Oracle APEX is the market-leading enterprise low-code development platform which enables you to design, develop and deploy beautiful, responsive, data-driven desktop and mobile applications using only a browser. APEX 19.2 introduces a number of exciting new features and robust data-driven components to help deliver a functionally rich and modern user experience.

Some of the major improvements in Oracle APEX 19.2 include:

Faceted Search

Faceted Search is the next game changing feature of Oracle APEX.  Faceted search, or faceted navigation, provides an easy-to-use interface to narrow the results of a report and quickly locate specific data.  Faceted search is often encountered in commercial Web sites and provides an intuitive and efficient method to efficiently narrow a set of data to the precise desired subset.

The new Faceted Search report is a new declarative component in APEX.  Like all other declarative data-driven components in APEX, a Faceted Search report can easily be created against an existing table, an arbitrary SQL query, an ORDS REST-Enabled SQL Service or virtually any REST endpoint.  Using an intelligent auto-discovery and scoring algorithm, recommended facets are automatically created based upon data distribution, related tables, column sizes, distinct values, average data length, and more.  Using a robust set of declarative attributes, the recommended facets can also be customized and new facets can easily be added.

Everyone knows how to use faceted search, and Oracle APEX 19.2 brings the elegance and simplicity of faceted search to modern, enterprise-scale business applications.


Popup List of Values (LOV)

APEX 19.2 introduces the completely redesigned Popup List of Values (LOV) which now supports multiple display columns, multiple return values, search-as-you-type, improved multiple value selection, and an all-new simplified user interface.


Shared List of Values (LOV)

In conjunction with the redesigned Popup LOV, the Shared List of Values in APEX 19.2 has also been significantly enhanced with new functionality.  Shared LOVs now support the full set of data sources (table, SQL Query, function returning SQL query, ORDS REST-Enabled SQL Service and Web Source Modules), declarative column mappings, multiple display columns, grouping, embedded icons, and more.

REST-Enabled Interactive Grid

The APEX Interactive Grid is the gold-standard for data-aware grid components in modern web applications.  In APEX 19.2, the built-in support for REST Enabled SQL and Web Sources has been extended to Interactive Grids and now allows full read and write access to virtually any remote data source!

New Team Development

The new Team Development application in APEX 19.2 has been completely reimagined to provide a simple and easy way for your team to collaborate together. Whether it's an enhancement request, a new feature, or a bug – everything is now tracked as an easy-to-manage issue that can be assigned, labeled, and shared.

Data Loading into Existing Tables

APEX 19.1 introduced easy data loading into Oracle Database for a variety of file formats, including Comma-separated Values (CSV), JSON, native Excel (XLSX) with multiple sheets, and XML.  In Oracle APEX 19.2, this same functionality has been extended to data loading into existing tables.  Via the same simple drag and drop interface, developers can now easily transform their single-user desktop files into beautiful Oracle Database-powered web applications, or add additional data to existing tables.

Dark Mode Theme Style

The development environment of APEX can already render in "Dark Mode", a darker color scheme, which reduces eye strain and is especially helpful for developing late into the night.  Customers have asked for the same experience for their APEX applications.  The Universal Theme of APEX 19.2 now includes a theme-style for "dark-mode" applications.


As in every APEX release, a number of enhancements and bugs fixes have been made to the productivity and sample applications.  Additionally, numerous bugs have been fixed in APEX 19.2, resulting in even higher quality and stability for APEX environments.

For more information about many of the other exciting new features in APEX 19.2, please see What's New.


Additional Information

Application Express (APEX) is the low code rapid app dev platform which can run in any Oracle Database and is included with every Oracle Database Cloud Service, including Oracle Autonomous Database and the recently announced Oracle Cloud Free Tier.  APEX, combined with the Oracle Database, provides a fully integrated environment to build, deploy, maintain and monitor data-driven business applications that look great on mobile and desktop devices.  To learn more about Oracle Application Express, visit apex.oracle.com.  To learn more about Oracle Autonomous Database, visit oracle.com/autonomous

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