GlassFish 3.1.2 Admin Console -- with features driven by communities.

GlassFish 3.1.2 console -- with features driven by the community
Back in January,  Alexismp gives a sneak preview of the GlassFish 3.1.2 Admin Console in The Aquarium.   Today,  with the release of  GlassFish  3.1.2,   I believe its time to join the 3.1.2 blogfest  and  recapture all the new features that the console team worked on for this release.    But before  doing that,  I want to personally thank  the  Community and  everyone who provides feedback,  put in request enhancements  and  files issues on the console during the development process.  This helps to build a better console that everyone loves.

During the 2011 GlassFish Community Event and GlassFish user forum discussions,   requests come in for Feature parity with CLI in admin console,  improved console launching performance,  v2 like Http Listener pagessecure administration configuration and application scoped resources support etc.   With a devoted team deligently working on the console,  we are  able to delieve all the above  mentioned  requests  plus adding supports for new 3.1.2 features.   We appreciate your input and we listen !!

A picture is worth a thousand words,  let me go through some of the new features in the 3.1.2 console by providing screenshots here.   If this is a little boring for you,  maybe you should check out the GlassFish Channel  for this release.

Lets start counting ...

1. Console startup properties
You have the choice to configure if you want to laod the console immediately following server startup.  You can set that to
  • usage base -- loads the console if the console has been used in the last 24 hours or if other instances exist.
  • Always -- always loads the console.
  • Never -- only loads the console when you try to access it.  
With the appropriate settings,  you will see  performance improvement when trying to access the console,  with significant performance gain seen in Windows XP.


2.  Nodes creation and setting up remote machine is now a one-step process
In the previous screencast,  I showed how to install GlassFish on a remote machine,  setup-ssh and then create a new node for that remote machine.   This is even easier in 3.1.2.   It becomes a one-step process.  All you need to do is enabled a couple checkbox when you create a new node, and everything is done for you through the console.   

New Node options

3. Ping node  action is also added.

Ping Node

4.  Secure Administration Configuration.
After installing GlassFish 3.1.2,  you must setup secure administration through the console before you can access the console from remote machines.   Starting from 3.1.2,  an admin password is also required before you can enable secure admin.  

set admin password

enable secure admin

5. Monitoring data is readily available.
Some user requests to be able to view monitoring data easily instead of having to go to cluster instances nodes, then the monitoring tab to find the data they want.   With this in mind,  monitoring data is now a top level tree node and also available as a common task.

viewing monitoring

6. Download Application Client Stubs

Download App Client

7. Support Application Scoped Resources
You can specify application scoped resources  by packaging a meta file named "resources.xml" in your application.   This support is added in 3.1.2 Console.   Suma has a blog about this where you can get more information.   I am capturing a few screenshot here.   A new Resource tab is added to the Application General page, and you can edit the resource by clicking on the resource name.   Since these resources are application scoped,  it will not shown up under the Resources Tree Node which is available for the entire domain.

Application Scoped

Edit Application
Scoped resource

8.  Simplied  "v2 like" Http Listeners page

3.1.1 consocole exposed all the glory details of Grizzly and allows user to have full control and configure the listeners, protocols, transports in every possible way. However, there are also other user who missed the simplicity of Http Listeners in v2. Thus in the latest release, we give you choices. A new set screen that hides the grizzly 'terms' when creating/editing the http listeners are provided, and one can switch from this to the advanced screen with a click. Here is how it looks like.

http listeners

Edit Http Listener

9.  Log Files download
Isn't it more convenient if you can download all the log files for each instances in the cluster to your machine as a zip file ?  You were not able to do that previously,  this support is now added to 3.1.2 console.  

Download Logs

10.  Configure Message Queue cluster providing JMS services
Last but not least, the configure-jms-cluster command is now supported in the console.  This allows for a one step  cluster creation with several instances and at the same time configures it before the instances are started.  The UI is presented in such a way that helps to prevent user error,  since eg.  you are not allowed to have an Enhanced (HA) cluster running in Local Mode. 

Cluster Creation
while configurating JMS cluster

I can still go on with more new features or usability changes added to GlassFish 3.1.2 Admin Console.  But maybe you are too excited to try it out now :)  So,   I will stop here.   Go ahead,  download and install  GlassFish 3.1.2  and experience the new console that I am sure you will like !!


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