Wednesday Feb 29, 2012

GlassFish 3.1.2 Admin Console -- with features driven by communities.

Back in January,  Alexismp gives a sneak preview of the GlassFish 3.1.2 Admin Console in The Aquarium.   Today,  with the release of  GlassFish  3.1.2,   I believe its time to join the 3.1.2 blogfest  and  recapture all the new features that the console team worked on for this release.[Read More]

Monday Feb 28, 2011

GlassFish 3.1: New Features in Admin Console

Today is the FCS of GlassFish 3.1,  there must be LOTS of blogs and screencast for this release,  the best place to check that out  is of course the Aquarium.  Everyone in the team is really excited about this release.

Just like any previous release,  I love telling everyone about all the new features that  JasonSrini,  Sumasri and I myself have worked so hard for the last 10 months to be included in the 3.1 Admin Console.  [Read More]

GlassFish 3.1: From Installation to Running Application in a Cluster

Centralized Administration is one of the main theme of GlassFish 3.1  With this in mind, Admin Console also enables GlassFish user to create Nodes for remote machine,  create remote instances for a cluster,  start the cluster,  deploy and finally test out the application running on a cluster,  all within the console.

Joe has a great blog about using SSH to manage instance lifecycle  and I have created a screencast to show you how to setup the remote machine with the setup-ssh and create a GlassFish install image with the install-node command.  Once this is done,  you can use Admin Console to perform any of the task listed above.

The following screencast starts from downloading the GlassFish 3.1 bits from to running hello.war on a cluster,  all within less than 12 min.

               Screencast of Centralized Administration

Enjoy !!

Friday Dec 11, 2009

Answer to the v3 Console Trivia

Hi,   Thanks for visiting this answer page,  it shows you are interested in Admin Console :)
Here is the answer for GlassFish v3 Admin Console Trivia
[Read More]

Thursday Dec 10, 2009

Launching Admin Console for GlassFish v3 RI

Since Admin Console and Update Center bits are  not part of the GlassFish v3 RI distribution,   you will not be able to launch the console nor  run  update center to install the console.    You will need to get the required bits from the maven repository and install that yourselves.[Read More]

GlassFish v3 Admin Console Trivia

We have been working hard for the last year,  now that  Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v3 is released today,  lets have some fun and play a game.
Here is Trivia  for  GlassFish v3 Admin Console.   how many can you answer ?
[Read More]

10 New Features in GlassFIsh v3 Admin Console

Can you guess  whats everyone blogging about today ?   yes, you get it !!  The release of  Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v3 which is the industry's first application server to support the new Java EE 6.    I am sure Eduardo has lots of info available at the Aquarium,  still,  i would like to add to his list and talk about the v3 Admin Console[Read More]

Thursday May 28, 2009

Admin Console's presence at Javaone 2009

...   Administration Console,   JavaOne,     Plug-Ins ,  v3,  HOL,  OSGi,  5572, San Francisco,  2009,  GlassFish,  ...

So, by linking together the above  seemingly random words,  what do you get ?   A HOL#5572  titled  Building OSGi Plug-Ins for the GlassFish™ v3 Application Server Administration Console at  JavaOne 2009 in San Francsico.  

Yes, thats what Ken and I have been working on during the last few months, to bring to you a lab that gives you all the information you need to create a plugin module to the Admin Console.   The lab includes background info on OSGi,  the admin console architecture and most importantly, the step by step instructions that guides you how to build a plugin module to extend Admin Console to your need.      Ken  believes  HOLs are hidden treasures in JavaOne.   He gave a sneak preview on the lab doc and how the console looks like after plugging in the jar YOU build.  Check it out.

Besides the HOL,  we have great demos at the GlassFish Pod,  make sure you check it out too !!

See you at JavaOne 2009 !!

Sunday Mar 22, 2009

Last Step in upgrading to GlassFish 2.1 for Admin Console

Last Step in upgrading to GlassFish 2.1 for Admin Console
After you have upgraded to GlassFish 2.1  from  previous GlassFish 2.0 release,  you need to do one more step to ensure that Admin Console works properly.   This is due to issue # 7404  and also explained  in detail in the forum
After the upgrade,  you will see the following jars under <AS>/lib/install/applications/admingui/adminGUI_war/WEB-INF/lib

 %cd /gf2.1/lib/install/applications/admingui/adminGUI_war/WEB-INF/lib/
%ls -l jsftemplating\*
-rw-r--r--  1 anilam  owner   132712 Feb  3 18:13 jsftemplating-dynafaces-0.1-1.0.jar
-rw-r--r--  1 anilam  owner   422259 Feb  3 18:13 jsftemplating-1.2-SAILFIN.jar
-rw-r--r--  1 anilam  owner   132712 Feb  3 10:34 jsftemplating-dynafaces-0.1.jar
-rw-r--r--  1 anilam  owner   423089 Feb  3 10:34 jsftemplating.jar

You need to perform the following steps to ensure that only 1 copy of the jsftemplating jars exist and with the correct name so that any further upgrade will not run into the same problem.

1.  Remove  the 2 jsftemplating jars (jsftemplating-dynafaces-0.1.jar, jsftemplating.jar)  from previous installation.
    % rm -f jsftemplating-dynafaces-0.1.jar, jsftemplating.jar

2.  Rename the 2 remaining jsftemplating jars
    % mv jsftemplating-dynafaces-0.1-1.0.jar jsftemplating-dynafaces-0.1.jar
    % mv jsftemplating-1.2-SAILFIN.jar jsftemplating.jar

3. Ensure there is only 2 jsftemplating jars for your installation.
    %ls -l jsftemplating\*
-rw-r--r--  1 anilam  owner   132712 Feb  3 18:13 jsftemplating-dynafaces-0.1.jar
-rw-r--r--  1 anilam  owner   422259 Feb  3 18:13 jsftemplating.jar

Now, you can restart the server and Admin Console will be fine.

Wednesday Feb 25, 2009

v3 GUI Prototype looking for feedback

Performance Advisor Installation and Overview
After couple weeks of hard work,  the console team finally have a prototype that is ready to be tried out by the community.   You can access the prototype by going to
Ken's blog has a couple screenshot, and he also listed out some of the known issues/limitation for this prototype. 
In case it is not obvious to users,   clicking on the the tag name,  eg 'web' in my case,  lists out all the pages that are tagged 'web'.   This is the same as entering  'web' in the Search box and do the Search,  except saves you a couple key strokes :)   Once i setup this tag list, i can go to any of these pages related to 'web' by just one click,  instead of through the menu and sub menus.

Be sure to try this out and leave us comments !!

Tuesday Feb 10, 2009

A Screencast of Performance Advisor Installation and Overview

Performance Advisor Installation and Overview

Performance Advisor screencast

GlassFish Enterprise Manager is  launched today (Feb 10, 2009) as part of Sun GlassFish Portfolio.
Performance Advsior is one of the key deliveries for GlassFish Enterprise Manager.   Performance Advisor allows you to monitor key performance indicators, such as Physical Memory, CPU Usage etc. that may impact performance and sends notifications when pre-defined thresholds are exceeded.
JDBC Pool Management,  Log File Management as well as Performance Tuning are all part of Performance Advisor.
Performance Advisor is available as a patch from sunsolve for customers who has a service contract.
Here is a screencast that shows you how to obtain and install the patch, and also gives you an overview of all the new features that  help boost the performance of your systems.  Enjoy !!

Monday Dec 01, 2008

Zhejiang University Visit

The next stop in my GlassFish China Trip after attending Beijing Sun Tech Days is HangZhou.   Every year, there are thousands of tourists visiting its exquisite West Lake (Xi Hu) area to enjoy the placid lake,  reflecting pools and beautiful gardens.

My stay in HangZhou includes a meeting with the Students in Zhejiang University.    This is organized  through Yu-Hao Yang,  who is  Sun's Campus Ambassador.   Zhejiang is one of the top university in China and this is the first time i visit any University in China.  For Judy, this is a completely different story as this is the University that she graduated from.    We had lunch in the cafeteria,  treated by Dr. Ning,  a professor in Dept. of Biomedical Engineering.    Although the students there may not agree,  the food there was really delicious and of great value.  We believe this is one of the best meal we have so far for our trip,  especially Judy as she has missed the food from this cafeteria for a long time.
I am really impressed with the campus,  its learning environment and the student's enthusiastic in learning.

We have almost 100 students attending the talk of GlassFish.   Some of them have been using Tomcat,  some are just start learning about JavaEE, regardless, they are all eager to learn and try out GlassFish.
Jim talked about Java EE 5 and Java EE 6.   I told the students more about GlassFish and gave live demo on how to use the Admin Console  and Judy presented the slides about community and how it will benefit the students.
Lots of good questions raised during the Q&A.   They are really smart students asking questions right to the point.   They will be great engineers someday,  contributing to the success of GlassFish and help building prosperous China.

Sun's Campus Ambassador and the poster:

poster   amabassador 

Beautiful  Campus

campus 1



Attending Students






West Lake in Hangzhou

Tuesday Nov 25, 2008

First SunTech Days in Guangzhou


Sun Tech Days 2008 took place in Guangzhou on Nov 19.   This is the first time that Sun Tech days took place in this beautiful city.  This is a very successful conference with more than 1200 attendance which is above the target.  

Together with Jim  and Judy,  I presented GlassFish session.   The conference room is completely packed with over 700 people.   The audience was a little surprised when I introduce myself with Cantonese.   Besides meeting FishCats,  I also met lots of energetic  and devoted  university students who is really interested in GlassFish. 
My first visit to Guangzhou consists of   shuttle to hotel where conference is held,  stay there for a day  and then taxi to airport for departure to Sun Tech days in Beijing.  So I didn't really see Guangzhou.  But I know that my next visit will be fun in another way,  since  莹莹 and her schoolmates gladly offered to be my tourist guide next time i visit Guangzhou.   她 说:  "很乐意带你去找好吃的和好玩的".   谢 谢 你 啦 莹莹 :)

preparing demo  Preparing for demo before ANYONE arrives :)

crowd     crowd

students   students

crowd   stage

stage   team

tourist    My future tourist guide :)   

Wednesday Nov 05, 2008

Admin Console providing UpdateTool functionality

By now,  you probably are aware that GlassFish v3 Prelude is released and available for download.  A quick start guide is here to help you get it up and running quickly.    There is so many  new materials and features in GF v3 Prelude that is beyond me to mention it here.   The best way to learn about it is by attending Webinar Nov 6th.  Yes, thats today !!  Hurry up and join  us !!

Out of the many features in v3 Prelude,  I want to draw your attention to 2 of the main features in Admin Console.   The extensibility of the console,  most people calls it 'plugin' to the GUI,  and the integration of UpdateTool  in the console itself.   Jason has a very detailed writeup on Extending the GlassFish v3 Prelude Administration Console that you definitely should check out if you are interested in extending the console.

Lets talk about the updatetool integration in the console here.    Through updatetool,  you can add on  additional modules such as JRuby and Groovy,  Jersey,  Metro Web Services etc to GlassFish,  to customize your own requirement.  After installation,  you can start up updatetool by going to the bin directory  type in  bin/updatetool.  It will bootstrap itself and startup.  However,  since this is a standalone application, you have to be on the same machine of your GlassFish installation to run it.   So,  what if you are on a client machine and want to manage your server ?
Well, Admin Console solves the problem for you.    As usual,  by using the browser and going to  http://<hostname>:4848/  you can bring up the console.   Unless you declined to check for update,  you will be notified of available updates in the message area.   UpdateTool functionality is available through the CommonTask page and the navigation tree node.

            Admin Console Common Task Page

It tells you what modules has been installed,  and what is available for add-on.  It also allows you to configure the proxy server if needed.   The Configuration page also shows you the repository that has been setup for you.
After installing additional component,  you may need to restart the server for this module to be recognized.
Here is a couple screen shot for this feature.

          Installed Components

         Add On tab

         configuration tab

Thursday Jan 24, 2008

Enjoy New Support Page in Console AND win a free iPhone

Support at your fingertips

Just as the blog title suggests,  GlassFish Registration Campaign is giving out free iPhone and the only action needed from you is to register the product.    Support at your fingertip shows you how easy it is to register and the new support page in Console  is only available to registered users.
Arun's blog of  Free chance to win iPhone summarize the campaign and the screencast on the left puts it in action.   Check these out and don't miss this great opportunity.    Spread the word and refer you friend.  If they win the iPhone,  you get the same prize  too !!
And Hurry up,  this campaign ends on March 23. 
Good Luck !!




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