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  • December 19, 2007

Gosh is it almost Xmas ??

Angelo Santagata

Gosh its almost Xmas and I looked at my blog and thought its looking a little bare.. So I thought Id update it with some things, what have I been doing etc..

 Things have been incredibly busy recently with the launch of the Accenture Innovation Centre which was launched in the UK last week. My role for this is to support Accenture as a dedicated Architect from Oracle, oh lets not forget a bit of presales, biz dev and generally running around.. I think someone described it like being at a .COM, exciting..

Anyway technology wise things are really shaping out. Oracle Fusion Middleware adoption continues to grow and so does our acquistions (Tangosol, Bridgestream, Bharossa, AppForge  etc) , checkout this url http://www.oracle.com/corporate/acquisition.html for a list with a description....

JDeveloper vs .Net and Web 2.0

Our JDeveloper product is also evolving nicely with its new AJAX user interface. Id recommend anyone to download JDeveloper 11g Preview 2 and checkout the tutorials.. An interesting question I recently heard was how does Java compare with .NET?? Well basically using Java gives you the following "features"
  • freedom of platform
  • freedom of app server vendor (Oracle,JBoss,IBM, BEA etc)
  • freedom of development tools (Eclipse/JBuilder etc)
Its the last one where we Oracle really play a strong part. The ADF framework is really rich in its feature set from the bottom layer of where do I put my business logic (Toplink,EJB3.0, Business Components), to user interface decisions such as ADF Faces, JSF, JSP, Struts, Portal etc..
To glue this all together we have my favourite layer called (ADFm), ADF Model...

ADF Architecture:

With ADF Faces 11g (comes with JDeveloper 11g) we've taken the bull by the horns and made building AJAX applications even easier!

Here's a sample screen shot of a sample app Ive  have used to demo the new features. Of interest is the accordian control on the left (Featured,Browse and Search), drag-n-drop support, stylesheets and "Templates!" (Something sorely missing in JSF) and lots of other goodies..

ADF Faces 11g Example:
Its all good.......

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