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  • March 5, 2009

Gosh has it been that long?

Angelo Santagata

Gosh, Ive been so busy recently I havent really had time to keep my blog up to date. I logged in today for a long time and realised its nearly a near since my last posting..

Must update it more often..

Anyway I've been busy working with out partner comunity doing all sorts of things, from highly available messaging systems, (did you know we can push over 5K messages through our service bus?) to helping a partner design and use our new WebCenter 11g Spaces product.. All rather cool..

The latest question I had was

' We are building a coherence grid to manage/process data and we need to persist the data. We are planning to use hibernate as our persistence store and was wondering if Oracle had any views on if we should generate a database schema from the java objects or generate java objects from a dataase schema...

Unfortunatly the answer is "It depends"..

Typically things like hibernate do a good job of generating a schema but its no way near as good if you got a good data architect to do it. Also you need to keep in mind what other applications are accessing the schema, things like ETL/ODI, BI etc.. Will they be happy with the generated schema??

This is why I tend to go the other way, generate the schema first, tune it (ie add indexes, denormalize it etc) and then expose it up to the java world using the persistence engine..

My view.. again it depends on the application usage, other application usage of the schema etc.

What are you views?

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