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  • January 30, 2008

A New Query Language to learn....

Angelo Santagata

Working with some collegues of mine at a large SI, they asked me whats comming up in Fusion Middleware 11g, lots was my immediate answer...

So then we went, and trawled through presentations at OOW, and a good one is

"Whats new in Oracle SOA Suite"

If you have a peek at this you'll see that App. Server 11g has a lot of really good improvements but one which I looked at and thought, eh?? whats that? is a BAM feature called "CQL" or Continuous Query Language.

I'll be honest here I haven't tinkered much with AS11g, but this feature did catch my eye... In short your able to create a query which is constantly run and provides agregated data over a period of time.  As its a query you can filter it before pumping it into BAM.

Here's an example from a post by Andreq Koelewijn  at IT-Eye

select w.location, avg(w.water_level)

from water_level_stream w

[range by '10 minutes' slide by '10 minutes']

where w.state = 'zeeland'

group by w.location

From a continuous stream of water level data this query would calculate a water level average for every 10 minutes which can then be graphed by Oracle BAM..

cool.. Look forward to tinkering with this.

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