Oracle PaaS Partner Community Forum 2017

Hey all, I'm going to be presenting at the Oracle PaaS Partner Community Forum 2017 in Split Croatia later this year in March on the topic of Enriching SaaS with PaaS.. Now PaaS4SaaS, as I call it, isn't hard but it isn't easy either..There are lots of different APIs to learn, different schemas to understand and let's not forget the data models and the vas around of tools you can use..I’m the sort of guy who says, “If you haven’t done it, then you have no business in...

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Example CCA Generator

Geertjan, a cool JET PM has created a CCA generator which can be used with JET. Now the nice thing about this is not that it allows you to preconfigure and generate JET forms but that its a good example of how you can build a) a JET CCA Generator and b) something reusable. CCAs are a really important feature of JET going forward, they will allow us to embed JET "applets" , in JET projects, ABCS and in the future in other Oracle products Check it out Jet Builder GITHUB

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Creating custom Fusion Application User Interfaces using Oracle JET

Introduction JET is Oracle's new mobile toolkit specifically written for developers to help them build client slide applications using JavaScript. Oracle Fusion Applications implementers are often given the requirement to create mobile, or desktop browser, based custom screens for Fusion Applications. There are many options available to the developer for example Oracle ADF (Java Based) and Oracle JET (JavaScript based). This blog article gives the reader a tutorial style...

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Accessing Fusion Data from BI Reports using Java

Introduction In a recent article by Richard Williams on A-Team Chronicles, Richard explained how you can execute a BI publisher report from a SOAP Service and retrieve the report, as XML, as part of the response of the SOAP call.  This blog article serves as a follow on blog article providing a tutorial style walk through on how to implement the above procedure in Java. This article assumes you have already followed the steps in Richard's blog article and created your report...

Saturday, April 30, 2016 | PaaS 4 SaaS | Read More

Loading Data into Oracle Cloud ERP R10 using the new LoadAndImportData operation

  Introduction As part of Oracle ERP cloud release 10 a new SOAP function has been made available to our customers which greatly simplifies the loading of ERP data using the batch oriented SOAP Services. This article aims to give the reader, details of this new SOAP Service and how it helps in loading data files into Oracle ERP cloud. Assuming the input file has been already produced, loading the data into Oracle ERP cloud service is traditionally a multi-step process. The typical...

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Working with MCS Offline? Need some hints and tips?

Mobile Cloud Service Another collection of videos I was highlighted today on MCS on how to do data offline sync. Awesome stuff , one note however is that the videos are IOS based today but Im being told that the Android versions are enroute.... These videos provide a end2end discussion on how to work with these capabilities not just the APIs themselves.. Very nice.... Overview of the Data Offline & Synchronization API Introduction to the Data Offline & Sync Policies Deep...

Thursday, March 31, 2016 | Cloud PaaS | Read More

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