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Oracle Analytics: Three Opportunities for Insight

Barry Mostert
Senior Director

Changing brand names isn't an uncommon occurrence. Datsun became Nissan, Microsoft Office became Office 365, and Jennifer Lopez became simply J Lo. Similarly, Oracle felt it was time for Oracle Business Intelligence, with its more than a dozen product names, to simplify into one brand—Oracle Analytics—and just three products:

  • Oracle Analytics Cloud
  • Oracle Analytics Server
  • Oracle Analytics for Applications

After numerous acquisitions (e.g., Hyperion/Brio, Siebel, DataScience.com, etc.), Oracle was left with a bag of products and brands that could be simplified, rationalized, and transformed for the cloud. From a technical perspective, all three products share the same foundation, and as such appear the same to users to enable continuity of experience. 

So, Which Do I Choose?

This question is common, but there should be one option that is obvious for any particular use case. Many organizations have multiple use cases, and in that scenario, it may be a combination or all three of the products. Let's follow a simple use case via some easy questions: 

  • If your primary data source is not Oracle SaaS and you're looking to build your own content, then start with the PaaS offering Oracle Analytics Cloud. From a budget perspective, it comes down to whether you choose to pay more up front to get going sooner, or whether you pay less up front but take more time while you build your own content.
  • If cloud is not an option for you and you intend to deliver your analytics platform from your own data center, then Oracle Analytics Server is the right choice.
  • If you're looking to buy everything, including the content, and have a need to be up and running extremely quickly, and your primary source application is an Oracle SaaS app, then Oracle Analytics for Applications is the choice for you. 

Oracle Analytics Cloud

Oracle Analytics Cloud has been on the market for several years. As the name suggests, it is a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) cloud-only offering available via subscription and delivered from Oracle data centers worldwide. For those customers who are seeking a vendor-managed solution with a lower administration burden, or are looking to reduce or retire their own data centers, this is a perfect choice. 

Oracle manages the environment and provides frequent updates to ensure customers always have the latest capabilities. Oracle Analytics Cloud is the complete Oracle offering for all types of analytics—from governed to self-service—and it includes modern augmented artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) capabilities. With many customers running Oracle Analytics Cloud in production, it is a well established and proven platform for analytics. But you don't need to store all your data in the Oracle Cloud; Oracle Analytics Cloud will access information on-premises, in the Oracle Cloud, or in another cloud.   

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Oracle Analytics Server

Oracle Analytics Server is a brand-new name for what has been available on the market for longer than cloud has been around. It is the evolution of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition or OBIEE (or even shorter as BIEE), which has been on the market for many years. In fact, OBIEE is the evolution from the acquired product Siebel Analytics. It is the on-premises offering for complete analytics, and customers purchase perpetual licenses and pay annual support, not subscriptions as with cloud (Oracle Analytics Cloud and Oracle Analytics for Applications). Oracle Analytics Server shares the same code as Oracle Analytics Cloud and as such the capabilities between these two products are very similar. 

With Oracle Analytics Server, customers will get visualization and market-leading augmented capabilities as part of their license. Many highly regulated organizations like government are either not ready to move or just cannot move to cloud. For those organizations, Oracle Analytics Server is the choice that can be deployed into the customer's on-premises data centers or IaaS provider. This means that you manage the environment and retain full control and responsibility of the deployment. Like other on-premises applications, major upgrades will be targeted for release on an annual basis. 

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Oracle Analytics for Applications

Oracle Analytics for Applications is a brand-new product launching in late 2019. From a technology perspective, Oracle Analytics for Applications comprises both the Oracle Analytics Cloud and Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, making it a cloud-only product managed by Oracle. Oracle Analytics for Applications provides content for specific Oracle SaaS applications out of the box. Where Oracle Analytics Cloud requires customers to build their own data models and content, Oracle Analytics for Applications provides most of the industry best practice content out of the box, with a powerful data pipeline delivered for Oracle SaaS application users.  

Unlike the PaaS offering of Oracle Analytics Cloud, where customers are required to build all the content themselves, Oracle Analytics for Applications provides smart connectivity to the source application; the extract, transform, and load (ETL) to replicate data to the provided Autonomous Data Warehouse data mart; the semantic layer; and all the reports, dashboards, and visualizations immediately after deployment. It is also completely extensible as Oracle Analytics Cloud and Autonomous Data Warehouse are full use and not limited to the application content provided.

Oracle Analytics for Applications is a group of modules each with a separate subscription. Each module pairs with a source application, including enterprise resource planning (ERP), human capital management (HCM), supply chain management (SCM), customer experience (CX), and NetSuite. Initially, Oracle Analytics for Applications for ERP (finance) will become available followed by the other modules at future dates. As such, Oracle Analytics for Applications is more of a SaaS offering that it is a complete and self-contained application for analytics.

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[Oracle Analytics for Applications screenshots]

With new branding and product packaging, Oracle Analytics makes things simple and clear. It offers customers and prospects choice, depending on where they currently are, and what their future plans hold.

For more information on possible paths to follow, see the Destination Guides for more advice. Also, don't forget to subscribe to the Oracle Analytics Advantage blog and get the latest posts sent to your inbox.

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    Nicely done Barry.
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