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Oracle Analytics Cloud: The Right Balance

In the world of business analytics, you’re always having to choose: agility or control; self-service or full service; business or IT-driven; innovation or curation.  The result is a constant quest for balance, with organizations working far too hard to bring these elements together.

At Oracle, we believe your vendor should do the hard work for you – so we have.  Today, we are announcing our new strategic platform, Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC), which empowers you to ask any question of any data, in any environment, using any device. OAC combines self-service discovery with best-practice data management, scenario modeling, and what-if analysis, and operational reporting, bringing balanced business analytics to your entire organization.

So what’s different about OAC?  The answer lies in its unique combination of flexibility and control, which give you a collaborative, connected, complete choice for analytics:

1.Collaborative: changing the way people work
Proactive self-learning insights, smart visualization, and data storytelling drive new levels of collaboration and innovation.  With OAC, you now have a strategic platform to use to capitalize on the collective intelligence of people, processes, and machines so you can reap the rewards of digital transformation.

2.Connected: getting the right people the right data at the right time 
With a list of 50+ data sources that is always growing, OAC gives you an easy way to connect your people to the information they need.  Likewise, open integration frameworks help connect analytics across business processes, streamlining work and enabling the best possible user experiences.

3.Complete: offering everything organizations need for analytics at any scale
OAC provides everything from self-service visualization and data preparation to enterprise reporting and advanced analytics, to dynamic user-driven what-if modeling, to modern mobile analytics that are social and contextual.

4.Choice: giving customers the best options for their business
OAC is available at different service levels and with flexible purchasing options, including processor pricing for unlimited users which makes it easy for you to get, use, and pay for what you need, when you need it.  

Achieving Balance

Analytics implementations have matured in uneven ways, making it clear that there’s no single formula for success, especially with hybrid cloud / on-premises deployments. In some cases, a turnkey cloud service is the right answer; in other cases, a cloud environment where you can turn all the knobs and cranks like you did on-premises is what you need, but either allowing you to lift & shift back and forth between on-premises and cloud. With Oracle Analytics Cloud, you don’t have to choose – you can have it all, and tailored to what is best for your organization, today and in the future.



OAC includes Oracle Data Visualization [examples pictured above]; Oracle Business Intelligence, and introduces a new set of capabilities to the cloud for the first time —Oracle Essbase Cloud; Smartview Add-in for MS Office; and Oracle Day by Day (a new native mobile app) [video below]

OAC can be used as a standalone analytics solution or in parallel with other Oracle Analytics solutions. If you currently use Oracle Data Visualization Cloud Service (DVCS) or Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service (BICS), you may want to continue using those services and also use OAC. Or you may want to consider moving your analytics entirely to OAC. If you use Oracle Essbase on premises, you will find the new features of Oracle Essbase Cloud very valuable, such as modeling in Excel and uploading to Essbase in minutes, Design-by-Example, and sandboxing, among others.

For more information, visit the Oracle Analytics Cloud page or contact your Oracle account manager.


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