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Why Oracle Analytics is the Only Solution You Need

If you're seeking to build a more insight-driven organization, you're probably looking for ways to extend and improve your business analytics. There are plenty of products on the market today, but the one you choose will determine just how well—and how quickly—your organization will be able to create value from data. To be effective, the solution must be able to support existing use cases while also allowing your users to connect, enrich, combine, and visualize data on their own.

According to Stewart Bryson, CEO and founder of Red Pill Analytics, that's where Oracle Analytics Cloud stands out from other cloud-based data analytics products.

"With Oracle Analytics Cloud, you get best-of-breed data visualization and cloud connectivity while still being able to satisfy your enterprise use cases—all in a single solution," Bryson says. "Other offerings, such as Microsoft Power BI, require you to purchase multiple products to satisfy enterprise use cases and perform just-in-time modeling. And even after you purchase those products, you might need to spend time and resources on configuration and integration before you'll realize any value from your investment."

As Bryson explains, "Oracle Analytics Cloud is built to address all the ways in which organizations interact with their data, and it requires minimal configuration compared to Microsoft Power BI. Oracle Analytics Cloud lets you connect to all Oracle SaaS offerings without additional tools—or extra work. The self-service data visualization capability is a quality solution from a development perspective, providing support for both cloud data services and the curated enterprise catalog that companies are used to. And Oracle Analytics Cloud lets you mash up between those two use cases so you can prototype how new datasets from nontraditional sources might look alongside, or even joined to, enterprise use cases."

Bryson believes that this capability is truly unique, providing all the requirements and discovery processes businesses need, together within one tool.

Accelerating Your Time to Value

Having all of these rich capabilities available in a single solution provides Red Pill Analytics customers with immediate value in terms of time saved.

"Other solutions usually require you to implement and integrate multiple components," Bryson says, "but you can stand up Oracle Analytics Cloud in just a few clicks. And the service is very easy to provision, so you get faster time to value compared to Microsoft Power BI and other products.

"Oracle Analytics Cloud gives you the freedom to stand up a variety of use cases and new models," he adds. "You can spin up one service as a production environment, another for development, another for test, and other Oracle Analytics Cloud services for proofs of concept. This gives you the opportunity to test theories and use cases outside of production, quickly and easily. Trying new things in a protected environment in this way helps you get right to the analytics that bring value to your company. Oracle Analytics Cloud is designed for organizations that want to be data-driven, not infrastructure-driven."

Elastic Scaling Without Heavy Lifting

Bryson is certain that Oracle Analytics Cloud is also a step ahead in its ability to scale up or scale down to adjust resources for the changing nature of workloads. Paired with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, which is an easy-to-use, fully autonomous database cloud service, it dramatically reduces the time and money needed to scale. "You can scale elastically when you need to, without spending a large chunk of time on capacity planning. And you can easily extend multiple Oracle Analytics Cloud services for different departments or organizations or stand up one large service for multiple organizations. At the data tier and at the analytics tier, it's easy to take a snapshot of what you have and increase the size of the service as often as you want," Bryson says.

The Complete Solution for Cloud-Based Analytics

Finally, Bryson told me that Oracle Analytics Cloud is a great tool even if you aren't a full Oracle shop—it still brings significant and unique value. "With Oracle Analytics Cloud, you have the freedom to use other analytics solutions that you've already invested in—without needing to create an Oracle silo."

When it comes to agility, scalability, and support for innovation, the Red Pill Analytics CEO knows from experience that competitive offerings like Microsoft Power BI simply come up short. "There's no question that Oracle Analytics Cloud offers the most complete solution for cloud-based business analytics," Bryson says. 

For more information on how Oracle Analytics compares to Power BI, check out this white paper.  To find out more about how analytics can benefit your enterprise, visit our website and begin your journey into Oracle Analytics.

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