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Why Automation and Autonomous Solutions Are the Future of Analytics

Manually prepared spreadsheets and scatter plots of data had their day. But the market has changed with increased competition and government regulations regarding reporting, and with the need to make quick, sound decisions based on data. To keep up, businesses need a way of collecting, viewing, and analyzing their market and corporate information faster and more accurately than what can be achieved with traditional methods.

Automation and autonomy offer a solution, changing how people experience data and what they can do with it. With a modern, cloud-based business intelligence system, background automation can manage and secure data autonomously. Front-end applications can provide built-in, push-of-the-button analytics capabilities. The result is faster and better business insights and reporting that can be widely shared and applied.

Everyone from executives to business line leaders can access relevant, up-to-date, predictive insights with easy-to-see guidance based on machine learning—all without relying on manual, error-prone processes or IT or analytics specialists.

Say Good-Bye To Manual Errors And Delays

Millions of manually prepared spreadsheets are used for diverse industries, including finance, science, and economics. Yet, according to ZDNet, 90% of all spreadsheets have errors that affect their results. Cut-and-paste issues, hidden cells, and other errors have cost businesses millions of dollars.

Traditional analytics solutions and processes can also cause delays in providing businesses with the insights needed to make timely decisions. Often, data is collected from multiple applications and platforms, requiring a corporate department to create the extract, transform, and load (ETL), the connections, and the interfaces; transfer data from one database to another; look at the data quality; enter the data into spreadsheets, and so on—all of which can take precious time and resources.

In addition, with traditional solutions and processes, one usually needs to be an expert in IT or analytics to conduct the analysis. It is not a self-service experience for the busy executive who requires end-of-month analytics. And that means waiting for the IT or analytics expert to provide what's needed.

Welcome To Automation And Autonomy

Automating analytics processes and putting the processes in the cloud can be a game-changer for businesses of all sizes and in all industries. Take what Oracle offers as an example: an artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) analytics solution, with an integrated autonomous data warehouse, that runs in a self-securing, self-patching, self-tuning autonomous cloud.

When you're working with a modern analytics solution, everything can be automated for you. Identify a few parameters, for example, what you want done, which model to apply, and which column you want to predict, and then the solution will take over.

Data can be ingested from multiple applications, platforms, and clouds. It can be gathered, cleaned, prepared, transformed, and analyzed for predictions—all automatically, accelerating processing and reducing the chance of human-created errors.

Integration Is Essential

You also want a solution with an integrated database that ensures you'll get fast, easy access to all the information you need when you need it. The self-tuning, self-securing, self-patching Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse offers that advantage.

Want to analyze 15 years of data? You won't have to wait 20 minutes to get a result and then make a decision. You can run a query in Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and get your insight in seconds.

Enhanced Security And Maintenance

Your analytics solution should be designed for maximum security and easy maintenance. The Oracle solution is not only secure in the cloud, it can save you time and effort in terms of security as well as maintenance. You won't have to set up safeguards against cyberthreats. And there's no need for endless patching on your part. With the Oracle solution's self-tuning capability, you won't need your IT group to manage all your instances. Security and maintenance are handled by Oracle.

Designed For Self-Service

A modern analytics solution can be designed to be used by everyone in a business—not just those with a PhD in IT or analytics. The majority of analytics tasks can be automated. And with minimal training, even a general business executive can quickly and easily perform other tasks—for example, forecasting—with just one click of a mouse.

Designed To Grow With Your Business

And you want a solution that's easy to upgrade and scale to leverage your future investments. Oracle Analytics offers that advantage as well.

With an automated and autonomous analytics solution, companies across industries have been able to increase productivity and make better, faster, more informed decisions to enhance their business. So can you.

Learn more about how Oracle Autonomous Database and Oracle Analytics can be a game-changer for your business by visiting our website.

Benjamin Arnulf Senior Director, Product Strategy, Analytics at Oracle

Guest author Benjamin Arnulf is a Senior Director, Product Strategy, Analytics at Oracle.

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