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Oracle Analytics is named a Visionary in 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms: Here's why

We’ve made it to 2021!  If you’re like me, 2020 taught us all a lot about ourselves, dealing with global health challenges, political unrest, and civil strife.  For many, our work lives were also turned upside down.  Yet through the dark times, we saw glimmers of hope and promise as people pulled together, adjusted how they lived and worked, and dedicated 2021 to a better (and different) future.   

Once again, Oracle has been named a Visionary in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms.  We thank our customers and partners who have diligently worked to successfully deploy our world-class analytics solutions to thousands of users in their organizations.  We thank our developer teams for offering customers and prospects a choice—in the cloud (Oracle Analytics Cloud), on-premise (Oracle Analytics Server), and within their application of choice (Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse for ERP, HCM, CX, Supply Chain, and NetSuite products).  

An innovative vision, delivered today

BI systems of a few years ago pale in comparison to today’s innovative ABI platforms. 
It’s no longer just about who has the best analyst self-service capabilities.  Now, organizations of all sizes expect actionable insights and accurate self-learning predictive models no matter where the underlying data is.  Data is everywhere and ABI platforms must access data regardless of where it’s stored, not require data to be ingested in order to analyze it. The melding of analytics systems and data science platforms is happening in real time driven by customer demand, augmented analytics and the “citizen” movement where analysts expand their skill sets into what has been specialized areas.   

Oracle Analytics is an end-to-end cloud-first platform that delivers visionary augmented data preparation, visualization, dashboards, storytelling, reporting, data science and mobility options.  

Build or buy? That is the question

Most companies expect to hand-craft their BI and Analytics solutions on their own. Why? Because that’s been their only option. ABI platforms are fielded as a set of capabilities that are configured to solve business problems. Self-service BI is tailor-made for the build-your-own model.  

With Fusion Analytics Warehouse, customers can deploy pre-built, streamlined analytic applications for key business areas such as ERP and human capital management (HCM). This takes the headache out of sourcing, modeling, and creating key performance indicators(KPIs) and other analytics. Organizations can use what’s delivered, as well as extend it with their own data. It’s “buy and use” as well as “buy and extend”;  and the delivered capabilities are automatically upgraded as new capabilities are made available.  Taking action on these insights closes the loop and further weaves analytics and applications into one cohesive fabric.  

As one customer puts it, “It’s a no-brainer.” We agree. Customer Experience (CX) and Supply Chain content are expected later in 2021.  NetSuite Analytics, built on Oracle’s market-leading small and medium-size business solution, is in customer preview now, bringing a pre-built line of business analytic applications to another market-leading application suite.  

From workgroups to enterprise scale

Analytics often starts solving a specific use case, and it’s usually for a contained workgroup. But can these workgroup solutions really scale to the enterprise?   With governance concerns, many of these workgroup approaches just can’t do it.    With Oracle Analytics, customers can create analytic solutions that scale to tens of thousands of users, leveraging the inherent governance, security, scalability, and trusted enterprise platform design of Oracle Analytics.  

Whether it’s a financial services firm that displaced another ABI platform in favor of Oracle Analytics, or a healthcare organization that is rolling out diversity and inclusion analytics to its entire health system, or a real-estate company that’s using analytics across the globe to optimize investments in leasehold improvements, Oracle Analytics is proven to solve virtually any scenario. 

The future vision Is bright

We are confident in our product and market strategy.  We are empowering enterprises of all sizes to drive their organizations with data and self-learning analytics.  2021—whatever may come—is looking bright.  

I suggest you take the time to read the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms. Your complimentary copy is available here.

To learn how you can benefit from Oracle Analytics, visit Oracle.com/analytics, and follow us on Twitter@OracleAnalytics.

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