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Unleash the Power of Synopsis Mobile Application Framework

Philippe Lions
Senior Director

Have you ever felt the need for a rapid, automatic overview of any of the datasets that are available to you on your Oracle Analytics Cloud instance? From your mobile, right away, in just a few seconds?

Oracle Synopsis can help. Synopsis is an app that provides actionable insights for smart decision making at your fingertips. It now directly connects to any dataset lying on your Oracle Analytics Cloud instance and immediately creates meaningful analytics for you. It lets you interact with spreadsheets and business data in a visual and intuitive way—while you're on the go, on your mobile, within seconds. There’s no technical training or specific skills required, and the app installs and connects in seconds. 

This 6-minute video gives a sense of the whole experience. The blog below shares a few more details as well.

Synopsis is available on both Android and iOS devices. At the time we are writing this blog (Feb 2019), the one for Android is a little ahead as it lets you connect to Oracle Analytics Cloud. The same feature in iOS is expected to be available in a few weeks with an upcoming update.

How to Connect to Oracle Analytics Cloud Using Synopsis

From your Synopsis app, tap the + icon in green to get an option to connect to Oracle Analytics Cloud. Provide the server details and credentials to make the connection. Once connected, you will see a list of available files. Click on a spreadsheet from the choices you have and let it run some background analyses before rendering the first visuals.

The First Visuals

After a bit of background analysis, the first visuals are rendered. The top row on the screen shows three attribute columns that you can toggle, while the bottom of the screen has three suggested metrics from the data source you analyzed. Clicking on each will display a metric by attribute pair. In the screenshot, you see "Profit by Order Priority."

Performance Tiles of All Metrics

If you wish to see the metrics available in the data source, simply click on "Oracle Analytics." Against each tile, there are options to choose the aggregation that you want.

Choose/Edit the Right Columns for Analysis

Click on the settings icon in the top pane to get to a screen where you can delete, move columns from metrics to attributes, and rename columns. Hold on a column until a strike-through appears to make sure the column is unselected. Hold and drag columns from the Numbers area to the Text area to convert text to metrics. Turn on the "Edit Column Labels," which will enable you to edit the column names.

Further Analysis

Here’s something else you can do with Synopsis. Let's say you want to analyze each metric by all attributes available. Click on the performance tile labeled "Sales," and you will see various analyses of sales by all attributes. 

If you wish to edit the visualizations, just click on one of them to go to an edit screen. In the edit mode, you can change the chart type, add/remove metrics and attributes, and filter the chart based on attributes. 

Statistical Analysis

Once you’re in the edit mode of a chart, you can choose to get some statistical information like mean, min, max, etc., by clicking on the yellow colored "i" icon just above the edit pencil icon.

Natural Language Generation—Project Insights

Clicking on the button shown in the image below will generate some interesting insights in the data. In this view, things such as "If a metric value goes down, then another metric goes up" can be generated by the built-in analytics engine.

Each time you edit out a metric or an attribute, the insights will automatically run to provide fresh project insights with the new metrics and attributes.

Sharing the Report on Social Media

Reports and visuals generated on Synopsis can be shared on various media options like WhatsApp, email, Twitter, and others. Click on the share icon on top of each report to share the visual.

This brief overview has demonstrated just a few of the many things you can accomplish using Synopsis to analyze datasets on Oracle Analytics Cloud from your mobile device. Stay tuned. Soon, you will be able to connect to Oracle cloud sources and leverage the same capabilities on other sources with Synopsis.

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