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Uncover Hidden Insights with Oracle Analytics Server

Michael Singer
Director, Product Marketing, Oracle Analytics

If your data analytics solutions sit in a siloed or walled-off server room, applying artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to your data-driven path might seem too distant an opportunity. But take note that your time has come. Current Oracle Business Intelligence customers who have Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) and/or Foundation Suite, and even Standard Edition One (OBI SE1) can easily upgrade to Oracle Analytics Server, where they can run the new modern capabilities of Oracle Analytics.

Whether your company relies on on-premise or private cloud deployments, migrating Oracle Business Intelligence to Oracle Analytics Server lets you take advantage of a host of augmented analytics and data discovery capabilities. Recently, our own Mitch Campbell and Alan Lee produced a webcast titled, Augmented Analytics for On-Premise BI Customers that discusses how you can uncover insights with ML and AI and drive action in every environment. The presentation includes examples of easy-to-use interfaces that enable users to connect to any data source, perform data analysis, and easily apply augmented data preparation, explaining data relationships and even advanced analytics securely. It also covers technical overviews, including installations, upgrade options, and resource guides.

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Oracle Analytics

With Oracle Analytics Server, Oracle Analytics platform capabilities such as augmented analytics, data prep with enrichment, and world-class data discovery are available on premise, accelerating your discovery and analysis and helping you connect insights to actions.


Oracle Analytics


Oracle Business Intelligence customers receive all these great new features without added costs. Oracle Analytics Server makes it more viable to deploy analytics in a hybrid fashion. It provides a nearly seamless path to Oracle Analytics Cloud. And unlike OBIEE, Oracle Analytics Server will continue to be released annually.


Leverage Natural Language Quickly and Easily

One new feature to Oracle Analytics Server is natural-language processing (NLP). This is not found in any OBIEE instance. NLP allows you to search and ask questions in your own voice as you interact with your data. The interface includes an ask bar for fast searches of existing reports, dashboards, datasets, projects, and as mentioned, secure live queries from datasets based on your personal access. Oracle Analytics NLP capabilities can be integrated into the Oracle Digital Assistant and other third-party applications using APIs.

"You can type in a question or tap the ask bar and ask a question and it will immediately begin making suggestions for you," says Campbell. "If you are looking for a particular report, it will show you reports with the words you used. If you are looking for a specific metric, it will suggest the different data sources that have that metric. In this way, you can really do visual queries and search analytics simply in the home screen of the Oracle Analytics Server."


Use Machine Learning to Uncover Hidden Insights

Many times, companies need to see data in a different way to be able to make informed decisions. With Oracle Analytics Server, another advanced feature is called Explain.

"We call it 'Explain' because you can start from a blank canvas and you can right-click on it and it will explain it to you," says Campbell. From there, you simply choose the visuals you want.

With one click, machine learning algorithms analyze your data and create predictive models. These can identify behavioral correlations between columns. They can also segment and market basket analyses as well as identify anomalies and outliers. Based on these features, you can use Oracle Analytics Server to ask questions like, "Explain my customer churn," "What causes employee attrition in my company," and "What type of deals do we usually close?"

Data Enrichment, another advanced feature not found in OBIEE, helps you understand the semantics and context of your data. This can help you identify sensitive data, assign predictive algorithms, support knowledge matching, and provide formatting suggestions. This feature allows deep data profiling, which identifies the specific role of each column—more than 30 built-in semantic data types.

Oracle Analytics Server also delivers rich data transform and enrichment recommendations. These are important for formatting the data, especially if you need to block sensitive information like a Social Security Number. The Data Enrichment features also help enforce data security on any sources, including personal files.

Currently, Oracle Business Intelligence Extended Edition customers, Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Edition customers, and Oracle Business Intelligence Standard Edition One customers are entitled to upgrade to Oracle Analytics Server. To see all of the new features first hand, register for the on-demand webcast.

To learn how you can benefit from Oracle Analytics, visit Oracle.com/analytics, and follow us on Twitter @OracleAnalytics.


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