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Tomorrow's CFO Succeeds Today with Analytics

Michael Singer
Director, Product Marketing, Oracle Analytics

Being a financial planning and analysis professional in today's world always means being one step ahead.

Finance professionals know this as the speed of data and day-to-day decision-making requires more than simply accurate financial statements and reports. In today's intensely competitive world, finance leaders partner with every line of business, from marketing and human resources to manufacturing and the supply chain.

Their companies demand the analysis and advice needed to boost profitability and drive growth. They need forward-looking, predictive insights from a growing mountain of data. Unfortunately, many finance teams are still doing planning and analysis the same way – with static spreadsheets and rigid, traditional, labor-intensive processes.   

To forecast more accurately and make smarter decisions, tomorrow's finance professionals need faster ways to improve quality and access to make data richer and more relevant.

This is where Oracle Analytics Cloud can help finance leaders with powerful analytics for data-driven decisions, resulting in better business outcomes and more growth opportunities.

Imagine asking questions from your data such as:

  • "What is the status of the close process?" 
  • "What's the outcome if we increase supply chain lead times by one week in our new facility?"
  • "What does our new merger mean for our debt to equity ratio over the next eight quarters?"
  • "What is the impact of an acquisition on finances with a new bid range?"

The answers come automatically, secured in the cloud, and powered with artificial intelligence.

The video below shows just how a modern finance professional can keep one step ahead of the competition inside and outside her company. Keep an eye out for some new features including natural language processing, autonomous data gathering, and customized visuals that keep the important information at a glance.

Jessica Ross is one of those future-minded finance leaders. Ross is vice president and controller at online custom garment service, Stitch Fix, which uses Oracle Analytics Cloud to fulfil its executive decisions with financial power.

"It's imperative that we create a crystal-clear vision of how we're going to shift the finance and accounting organization from a transaction capability to a transformation capability," Ross says. "We have this amazing algorithm and data science team and they want to focus on the data. Our opportunity as finance is to translate all of that information into business insights into ways of reporting that feel good to the business and drive new value."

Discover how Oracle Analytics Cloud gives finance leaders powerful analytics for better data-driven decisions, driving the business forward through growth opportunities and shaping their future.

Visit Oracle Analytics Cloud for more information and to see how we're empowering finance with smarter, faster, and richer data-driven decisions.

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    Worthful Data Science tutorial. Appreciate a lot for taking up the pain to write such a quality content on Data Science tutorial. Just now I watched this similar Data Science tutorial and I think this will enhance the knowledge of other visitors for sure. Thanks anyway.:-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ek7IdGhbXI
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