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Startup CEO's Personal Story Led to Oracle Analytics

Michael Singer
Director, Product Marketing, Oracle Analytics

Everyone has different motivations for choosing the software used in their business. For Andrew Cowderoy—CEO of ZS Wellness—selecting Oracle Analytics to help run his startup was a personal one.

"I was training at Fleetwood Nautica College in the north of England and during that training I was diagnosed with a disease that now prevents me from getting the ENG1 Seafarer Medical Certificate, which means I cannot go to sea," Cowderoy says.

While the revelation was a setback for his nautical career, Cowderoy began asking questions about other medical conditions that might prevent other sailors from thriving in their profession. Bad eating habits, lack of physical exercise, lack of socialization, and feelings of isolation all contributed to not only unhappy sailors, but severely depressed ones.

Maritime depression is a critical issue, according to a 2018 study conducted by the international maritime charity, Sailors' Society, and Yale University. One out of four of the 1,000 sailors interviewed reported feelings of depression and hopelessness. Nearly half (45 percent) of those who reported symptoms of depression did not seek help; one-third reached out to their family/friends, but only 21 percent spoke to a colleague, despite spending many months on the ship with them.

Cowderoy says built his startup ZS Wellness with the premise of helping shipping companies and their employees prevent illness and injury but the company needed lots of data to spot trends and make specific recommendations.

"As all these elements are coming together, we looked at how we can use technology innovation and collaboration to improve all elements of physical and mental health," Cowderoy says, noting that his company chose Oracle Analytics to help sift through the data.

"I was looking for the best technology available in the market to align myself with industries that have great tech," Cowderoy says.

ZS Wellness may be a startup, but Cowderoy knew that he didn't want to cut corners by choosing a desktop tool. 

"Security is paramount because we're dealing with human data. Oracle, needless to say, has fantastic security on the cloud," he said.

With support from the Oracle Analytics' team, ZS Wellness was able to deploy Oracle Analytics in only four days—and immediately began to see results. 

"The power of this data is beneficial in so many ways: improving life at sea, reducing costs, improving motivation, and much more," said Cowderoy. 

Thanks to its strong analytics, ZS Wellness has been able to educate seafarers and management about healthy eating and effective exercises, improving their health and careers, and transforming both the lives of crew members and the worldwide shipping industry. 

The video below covers the entire conversation.


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