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Six Companies Innovating with Oracle Analytics

Michael Singer
Director, Product Marketing, Oracle Analytics

Everyone loves a success story and Oracle is no exception. At Oracle OpenWorld 2019, we honored a diverse set of customers and partners, culled from hundreds of nominees across industries and around the world, for their outstanding and innovative use of Oracle Cloud technologies.

The four winners and two finalist companies listed here all had one thing in common: They excelled in their use of Oracle Analytics solutions to accelerate innovation, drive business transformation, and create value by increasing agility, lowering costs, and reducing IT complexity. Oracle is honored to congratulate each and every one of this year's winners.



Five years ago, Skanska faced the challenge of getting all of its data and reporting in one place. The 130-year-old construction company was doubly tasked with using analytics to derive insight for its business.

"We knew that we wanted to be on the cloud and that we needed an analytics tool that catered to many different needs with data visualization capabilities, curated reporting, and curated dashboards," says Conny Björling, head of enterprise architecture at Skanska. "With Oracle Analytics, we created our first solution for financial analysis and reporting."

In a record 17 days, more than 100 senior-level executives were able to analyze and annotate data in minutes instead of the days it previously took. Since the implementation was based on Oracle Analytics Cloud, the single environment allowed management to federate reporting worldwide.


At Riverbed, sales executives needed to be able to see data on a minute-by-minute basis in order to meet their quarterly quotas. With Oracle Analytics, the company delivered bite-size metrics that allowed sales executives to make decisions that ensure the outcomes that matter most to them.

The company, which specializes in optimizing wide area network (WAN) software and hardware, connected its own artificial intelligence (AI) with Oracle Analytics Cloud to reduce the amount of effort it took to analyze its data. Riverbed also utilized natural language generation, which allowed executives to find answers to important questions like, "Who are my highest and lowest performers?" The implementation allowed Riverbed to identify key variables when consulting customers on service renewals. The company reported results within one quarter.

"It's important to understand that this is very cutting edge; however, this is the path that the entire industry is taking," says Riverbed senior IT director, Bhishma Jani. "The commitment from Oracle and its partners shows that this kind of transformation is a priority and it gives me confidence that we are going in the right direction."

Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix uses Oracle Analytics to fulfill its executive decisions with financial power. The online custom garment service was looking to streamline financial reporting while bringing in governance and audit controls prior to its initial public stock offering, or IPO.

"It's imperative that we create a crystal-clear vision of how we're going to shift the finance and accounting organization from a transaction capability to a transformation capability," says Jessica Ross, Stitch Fix vice president and controller. "We have this amazing algorithm and data science team and they want to focus on the data. Our opportunity as finance is to translate all of that information into business insights and into ways of reporting that feel good to the business and drive new value."

The company accelerated financial reporting powered by Oracle Analytics, including data visualization and business intelligence reporting. Managers reported saving as much as a week on their financial reporting. Using Oracle Analytics, Stitch Fix says it achieved multicurrency capabilities to support international expansion and improved decision-making and predictive analytics capability with real-time data, reporting, and analytics tools.

Western Digital

Western Digital is one of the largest computer hard disk drive manufacturers in the world. It handles thousands of SKUs and receives 200,000–300,000 hits a day on its service channels. Western Digital needed to consolidate on one system to gain global consistency of customer service and knowledge. It also wanted to enable customers to interact with Western Digital through its channel of choice—mobile, phone, email, chat, etc.—while giving the organization a 360-degree view of the customer.

"We're always looking for new ways to meet the customers' demands," says Bill Roy, senior director of enterprise performance management at Western Digital. "We love analytics. We love the fact that Oracle is putting all this R&D into the cloud. And so, we want to get the benefit of that. We see the cloud and analytics as a way to help our business managers create a visualization; create a dashboard; create a report and not have to come to IT to do that for them. So that's really where we see the benefit of going to something like Oracle Analytics comes in."

With Oracle Analytics behind it, Western Digital improved availability for 72,000 employees to better service customers by improving the speed of issue resolution with mobility and collaboration tools. The company was able to deploy a centralized knowledge base in 16 languages across four brands and reduce the number of contact centers required by 58 percent—from 12 down to five. The analytics tools also helped deliver consistent, omnichannel service across phone, email, chat, SMS, and mobile channels.




Previously part of CBS Corporation, OUTFRONT Media is now one of the largest independent at-home media companies in North America, with 400,000 canvases to create brand impressions.

When OUTFRONT Media became its own entity five years ago, it found itself with 15 years of data that it needed to consume, as well as a multitude of reporting needs. With no analytics practices, no data center, and a very small budget, the team explored its options and quickly realized that Oracle Analytics was the best fit. Using Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Oracle Analytics, OUTFRONT ingests one terabyte (1 TB) of external data every 30 minutes instead of in weeks.

The company reports that it reduced a very complex pricing query for its customers down to 6 minutes and then shaved that time even more to 2 seconds. That resulted in a 25 percent productivity increase for more valuable data modeling and dashboards. OUTFRONT's cloud-first strategy produced new analytics insights with compelling visualizations to all levels of the company. Within six months, dashboards were available to more than 250 users.

City of Las Vegas

Las Vegas attracts nearly $60 billion in tourist dollars each year. To keep those dollars rolling in, city leaders must ensure that its infrastructure functions well.

A few years ago, city IT leaders realized their complex, dated IT infrastructure was holding them back. The city used numerous systems from nearly every large IT vendor, and almost 80 percent of its IT budget was spent maintaining those legacy environments. The city began migrating to the cloud in 2017, starting with its business suite, including payroll, human resources, and purchasing systems.

By using Oracle Analytics, city staff used cloud and data analytics to help the city maximize efficiency. Using a combination of cloud, Oracle Analytics, and Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to monitor traffic flow, air quality, trash collection and more, the city can better manage operations, analyze data in real time, and make faster business decisions.

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  • Dan Vlamis Thursday, September 26, 2019
    Congratulations to the winners and finalists, including some that Vlamis is working with. The receptions where these awards were presented and announced were great! We look forward to updates on all of these analytics implementations. Great job, Oracle in highlighting these and other analytics success stories! We'll work on getting you even more success stories!
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