Frequent Data Refresh in Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse

November 1, 2022 | 4 minute read
Krithika Raghavan
Director, Oracle Analytics
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Last Updated: December 08,2022

With inputs from Nitin Deo, Senior Principal Product Manager.

Oracle Fusion Analytics, powered by Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Oracle Analytics Cloud, is a family of prebuilt, cloud-native analytics applications for Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications that provides ready-to-use insights to help improve decision-making.

A key value of Fusion Analytics is its prebuilt and fully-managed data pipeline, which can be set to refresh as often as daily.  However, there might be a need during certain periods, such as the end of the month or quarter, when a daily incremental data refresh isn't frequent enough for all your analysis and reporting needs. To ensure you have data when you need it, you can use a new capability called Fusion Analytics Frequent Data Refresh (FDR). With the most recent release (22R3), you can get FDR as a Preview feature for select functional areas and enable data refresh to be set at intervals of a minimum of 4 hours, up to 23 hours. This article explains the process of enabling and configuring this feature.

Currently, Frequent Data Refresh is supported for these functional areas:

  • The General Ledger module in Oracle Fusion ERP Analytics.
  • The Order Management module in Oracle Fusion SCM Analytics.

Your service administrator can set the refresh frequency for any of the supported functional areas.  Once Frequent Data Refresh is enabled for a functional area, you can't run ad-hoc or on-demand refreshes for that module. It's important for you to decide on the modules and the refresh frequency that best fit your needs. Enabling this feature for a functional area has no impact on the daily incremental refresh process.

Complete the following activities for successful enablement of Frequent Data Refresh in your development or test environments before enabling it in your production instance. Follow these steps:

  1. Enable FDR. 
  2. Verify your FDR enablement.
  3. Configure FDR.


Enable FDR

Recent Update - Starting Fusion Analytics release 22.R4, you no longer need to raise a Service Request to enable this feature.

Frequent Data Refresh  is now available as a self service preview feature.


Verify your FDR enablement

  1. Log in to Fusion Analytics.
  2. Navigate to Console.
  3. Click Data Configuration.

  1. Click Pipeline Settings.