Unleashing the power of Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications with Fusion Analytics

August 1, 2022 | 5 minute read
Duncan Fitter
Director of Product Strategy, Oracle Analytics, Product Management
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Whether you are new to Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse (FAW) or are a long-time customer, you may be unaware of the depth and breadth of the features available to you. In an effort to present these features concisely and quickly, the Oracle Analytics team has created a simple tool to help you quickly understand the extent of subject area coverage in FAW. This tool, the Fusion Analytics Content Explorer, is useful for anyone who wants to understand more about how FAW is organized and what it can do.  But first, some context.

It starts with Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications 

Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications provide core business functionality for Enterprise Resource Management (ERP), Human Capital Management (HCM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), and Customer Experience (CX) to organizations around the globe. 

Business leaders benefit from the streamlined processes these solutions offer, but face many challenges trying to gain cross-departmental insights and measure cross-functional process efficiency, for order-to-cash, hire to retire, procure to pay, and numerous other metrics. That’s where Fusion Analytics comes in.  

And continues with Oracle Fusion Analytics 

Fusion Analytics is a family of ready-to-use, cloud native analytics applications for Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications that provides you easier access to data and the insights that improve decision-making. Fusion Analytics allows you to combine the data stored within these applications with data from external sources to provide insights into the key performance indicators (KPIs) that drive success across departments.  The breadth and depth of combined analytics and application capabilities is unique to Oracle and enables organizations to unify analytics and provide a single, common view of performance across the business.

The following Oracle Fusion Analytics applications are available:

  • Fusion ERP Analytics helps finance and procurement professionals gain insights into profitability, working capital, business expenditures, and much more. 
  • Fusion HCM Analytics provides human resource professionals with ready-to-use workforce insights to improve their decisions related to diversity, employee attrition and retention, talent acquisition, compensation, performance, skills, internal mobility and more.
  • Fusion SCM Analytics helps supply chain professionals uncover underlying drivers to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Fusion CX Analytics combines sales, marketing, and service data in a unified analytic solution.

Fusion Analytics provides not only the pre-built managed data pipeline to pull the relevant Fusion data into a conformed data-warehouse, but also the pre-built business metrics upon which to build your own KPIs and analyses. In addition, there are out-of-the-box KPIs and analyses which you can extend to further accelerate the delivery of insight to your users. Built on Oracle Analytics Cloud and Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, Fusion Analytics offers embedded machine learning, user-friendly augmented analytics, and powerful self-service analysis together in a secure cloud solution.

Deck of KPI Cards
Example: Deck of KPI cards
Example: In-depth analyses

Answers at the click of a button

Among the many questions that FAW can help you answer:

  1. What is the working capital position and trend for past x quarters?
  2. What is the target revenue for next quarter in best-case and worst-case scenarios?
  3. How is debt equity mix structured at present, and is it actionable for improved financial gearing?
  4. What is the internal headcount movement between managers?
  5. What is the average compa ratio of high performers in my organization?
  6. How many workers are stagnating with zero/no increment in salary for the past n years?
  7. What is the inventory valuation for items or item categories for a given period?
  8. What is the trend of item cost over a period of time?

The answers to these questions come in instantly readable graphs and visualizations that allow for deeper exploration into the nature of the data behind them.

Exploring the power of Fusion Analytics

Fusion Analytics applications cover nearly 1,900 metrics, 61 Subject Areas, and 20 data models representing significant domain and practice expertise (Summer 2022). This rich business content is evolving and growing all the time. To help you understand what's offered and give you a view of all this content, the Fusion Analytics Content Explorer enables you to drill down into a dynamic outline of each Oracle Fusion Analytics application.  You choose what to explore, and as you move through each level the information changes to reflect the depth of the subject you've selected.  In addition to showing you what's available, it's helpful in identifying additional KPIs you may wish to create and monitor.  

Fusion Analytics Content Explorer "Home"
Fusion Analytics Content Explorer "Home"

Clicking on the 'Explore the Content' tab you can manually browse the available metrics. In the example above we have chosen Oracle Fusion ERP Analytics, selected a module (e.g., PO), then a Subject Area (e.g., Procurement — Purchase Orders) to view all the currently available Fusion Analytics Metrics related to those criteria.

Fusion Analytics Content Explorer “Explore the Content”
Fusion Analytics Content Explorer “Explore the Content”

Clicking the 'Business Questions Addressed by Persona' (job role) tab will allow you to find the types of questions that you can use Fusion Analytics to answer.

Fusion Analytics Content Explorer “Questions by Persona”
Fusion Analytics Content Explorer “Questions by Persona”

Other screens help you understand the metrics available and the detail the out-of-the-box KPIs, Decks and Analyses that are available to accelerate your insights. Of course, you can easily extend this content, and the remaining screens provide a more detailed catalogue of the richness with the Fusion Analytic applications.

We hope you will explore the content and that you find the Fusion Analytics Content Explorer a valuable resource. And we would love to hear your feedback: have you found it useful? Are there ways you would like to see it improved? Write to me at duncan.fitter@oracle.com with your comments and suggestions.

Schedule a meeting today to talk to the Oracle Analytics team and learn more about how you optimize operations across your enterprise using powerful insights from Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse.

Duncan Fitter

Director of Product Strategy, Oracle Analytics, Product Management

Duncan Fitter works in Oracle's analytics product strategy team helping customers across the globe achieve their goals through greater insights.

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