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September 28, 2021 | 4 minute read
Alexandria Toothman
Product Manager, Oracle Analytics Product Strategy
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Bringing customer voices into our product 

One of the things I love most about my job is listening to you, our customers, as you share your real-world interactions with our products. As part of my work in Product Strategy, I routinely sit down with you to hear how you are using Oracle Analytics’ products, and I always ask about both the successes and the pain points that you are experiencing. I take ideas and reviews directly to the product management team, who review what I’ve shared and relay it to our engineers and research teams. 

In addition to talking with you directly, there are other ways you can share your feedback. One is Gartner Peer Insights, which allows hundreds of enterprise technology solutions to be evaluated via online reviews and ratings that Gartner verifies.

We welcome your ideas 

The Idea Lab is another way for you to let us know what you think.  It’s a direct communication channel and because it’s self-service, you can enter ideas anytime you have them. It is a place where you can freely and openly share ideas for any product enhancements. It’s an open platform for comments and feedback, and users hold power both by speaking up as well as voting and commenting on ideas posted by the community. 

All you need is a free Oracle Single Sign On (SSO) account, which takes less than 5 minutes to create. Then you can create a profile and earn badges and points based on ideas that you share, as well as comments and likes. We strive to respond to every post, but ideas voted up by our community always catch our eye and we prioritize responding to those quickly.

Gabby Rubin, Oracle Analytics Vice President of Product Management, says, “The Idea Lab is important because it allows us to interact directly with our users about what matters to them.  Even more importantly, it allows users to brainstorm among themselves and evolve these ideas together. While Oracle Analytics has a strong vision for the future and a robust roadmap, ideas from our community make our solutions even stronger, so we always find ways to weave them into our plans.”

A track record of turning ideas into reality

Over 800 ideas have been submitted through the Idea Lab since September 2019. Many of them have made their way directly into our products, making them better and smarter. One user suggested that in-memory columnar storage include an option for data visualization sets. It got 18 comments and 45 positive votes, and immediately caught the attention of our team. And it should have — it was a great idea! A later release made that idea a reality.

Benjamin Arnulf, Oracle Analytics Senior Director for Product Strategy, puts the process best: “Analytics leaders from more than 250 companies are sharing ideas on new ways to innovate with analytics,” he said. “Oracle Product Strategy and Product Management partner every day to review ideas and ensure they are integrated into our product. Our goal is to deliver a global analytics solution that exceeds our leaders’ expectations.”

How to submit a stand-out idea 

Submitting an idea is simple. First, use search to see if a similar idea has already been submitted. If not, post an idea with just 5 pieces of information:

  1. A short title
  2. The name of your organization
  3. A description of your idea (what you want to see implemented) 
  4. Your business need or use case
  5. A tag (category) that helps give us context

If you have visuals feel free to add them to the description - they always help us gain a clearer understanding of your ideas.

And if you see other ideas that you support, vote them up!  You can click and vote on user feedback that you think would help us improve our products, because there’s strength in numbers and we are always on the lookout for ideas with many users behind them.

We have two Oracle Analytics Idea Labs: one for Oracle Analytics Cloud and one for our Fusion Analytics Warehouse. Users submit feedback in areas as diverse as data connectivity, documentation, data visualization, and data preparation and flows. As Gabby said, these conversations are an integral piece of our product design and development process.

At Oracle Analytics, making our products better for you is our passion. It’s what drives us to succeed and improve every day. The Idea Lab is a critical piece of that mission. It’s a way for you to have your voice heard, and it’s a way for us to tap into your thoughts and feedback. It’s vital and we’re so grateful that you’re a part of it.

Is there a feature or capability you’d love to see in Oracle Analytics? Submit it to the Idea Lab!


Alexandria Toothman

Product Manager, Oracle Analytics Product Strategy

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