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June 8, 2021 | 5 minute read
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The new Oracle Analytics Mobile app is now available for iOS and Android. And with the high demand for analytics at our fingertips, many people have expressed interest in a practical guide. So here it is, a “quick start” guide for this app, and the first of a few future blogs and videos with useful tips.

Suppose you are one of the 5.112 billion mobile phone users worldwide, and you use your mobile not just to stay in touch with family and friends, but as a productivity tool. In that case, this short blog is a must —because the best device for leveraging analytics is the one you use the most!

Mobile access for Oracle Analytics has always been available in the cloud or on-premises (Oracle Analytics Server).  A mobile web browser is essentially browser access to curated content on a mobile device in a consumption-only mode. It’s already on your phone (for example, Chrome or Safari) and pretty straightforward; you get an adaptive and responsive layout for the analytics artifacts.  Responsive mobile web access remains available and a choice to use instead of or together with the new Oracle Analytics mobile app.

The Oracle Day by Day mobile app is quite different because it is optimized and focused on more forward-thinking, personal, and social collaborative analytics self-service consumption. I love Day by Day, and it’s worth knowing that it was a winner in the 13th Annual Digital Innovation, Analytics category by Ventana Research. 
If you are interested in more details related to Day by Day in Synopsis, please check my article

Going back, what about the curated content that you’ve spent time organizing and put together, and what about your pixel-perfect reports? 

You may be wondering, “so what is it that makes the new OA Mobile app stand out?”. I like that it requires no extra training, and the layout is very intuitive, using the same search capabilities as your Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) home page, and displaying the same Recents and Favorites shortcuts. You can also search for your Answers and Dashboard content and Pixel Perfect reports. You pinch and zoom your classic content, and you can use prompts.

And you get more with your Projects, which are rendered as first-class native objects.

With the following, I will just scratch the surface of what Oracle Analytics Mobile can do for you. I will cover a few basic things, and with your feedback, I can do a deep dive in a follow-up article.

That being said, let’s get started:
1.    Download and Install your OA Mobile
I am using an Android phone, so I am going to Play Store
-    Search for “Oracle Analytics” and pickup “Oracle Analytics”

-    Click Install, then click Open and accept “End User License Agreement”



2.Connect to Oracle Analytics
-    Copy the URL from your Oracle Analytics Cloud
-    If you have a “https://” path with your OAC instance URL, make sure you select the Use secure connection check box 
-    Tap Connect, enter your Username and Password and click Login


3. Congrats! You can see the home page of Oracle Analytics Mobile now.

You notice that it is pretty consistent with your Oracle Analytics Cloud home page. 
The idea is to feel familiar and optimize the mobile use, not to replicate the exact home page from OA Cloud.


With the BI Service Administrator role, you have the most comprehensive view. You can create or edit a Data Set(s), create or share a Project(s), or consume the existing content. 

Another cool feature is that when you can tap and hold a project, there are several available actions, one of which is to generate a podcast. It helps to listen to your project details, your data, when you are on the go, and when it is less than ideal to look at your device, for example, when driving.



With Oracle Analytics Mobile,  you get a world-class native mobile experience to search for and consume your curated content. OAC users should feel right at home with the new app, and where it shines is with your projects natively rendered on mobile. There is also a desktop layout option that brings the project exactly how the author created the content.
It is a primary consumer viewer experience with editing capabilities, like creating data sets and projects on the fly, and has the slick podcast feature and complements Oracle Day by Day.

Bonus:  Please watch this short video which guides you with basics; starting from a file, you create a project on the fly using Oracle Analytics Mobile. Then you use the podcast feature and access the same Project or Data Set from Oracle Analytics Cloud.

I appreciate you taking the time to go through my article!

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Lucian Dinescu

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