Putting a face to data stories with AI avatars: Oracle Analytics & Synthesia

April 25, 2023 | 3 minute read
James Richardson
Vice President, Product Strategy, Oracle Analytics
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It’s official: Oracle Analytics has the best data storytelling capabilities on the market. In its 2023 research ‘Critical Capabilities for Analytics and BI Platforms’ Gartner rated Oracle Analytics’ Data Storytelling the strongest evaluated. Better than Tableau, Qlik Sense and Microsoft Power BI. In fact, Oracle Analytics Cloud was the only product Gartner scored as ‘Excellent’ for this capability.

Why is this the case? For years now, Oracle Analytics Cloud has enabled the fundamentals - data storytelling with infographics and data-connected presentations. However, that’s not the end of our aspirations when it comes to breaking down the gap between consumers and data. 

Novel data story forms have been a strand in Oracle Analytics for some time:

  • Oracle was the first analytics platform to offer auto generated podcasts. The podcasts contain chapters for each visual so a user can easily jump to their area of interest or listen to a complete overview of a dashboard. A spoken narrative automatically identifies changes in the data and notes significant and important trends, peaks, and oscillations in data.  
  • Even further, since 2022, Oracle Analytics Cloud’s Auto Insights capability has been telling data stories from a single click – creating a trellis of data visuals, headlines and text descriptors that would have taken a human analyst hours to make. To do this, OAC automatically scans datasets as they get added or updated, and proactively generates data visualizations and insights.

So far, so cool. But that’s not all for Oracle Analytics when it comes to data stories.

Pushing further, Oracle’s intent is to make data stories even more compelling. We want to deliver stories every bit as powerful as the content people see in the mass media every day (say as part of TV news programming). To that end, in partnership with Synthesia.io, the world’s largest video generation platform for businesses, Oracle Analytics customers can now bring analytics to life with data and analytics newsreaders using Synthesia’s AI generated avatars.

See a short video of the Oracle Analytics Cloud newsfeed generated by Synthesia.

Why does this matter? Combining data stories and human faces and voices is compelling for delivering insights to decision makers. It also raises interesting questions about whose face should be used. Would an organization’s CEO get more attention than a media figure? Do you want an avatar of your manager telling you that sales are down, or the person you trust most – yourself? With this type of technology, it could be any of these!

This isn’t a gimmick – it’s Oracle Analytics understanding what communications professionals have known for years, that the medium is the message when it comes to getting facts to hit home with people. Delivering data and analytic news with a human face gets attention. Humans have an innate tendency to pay attention to faces (we even see them when they’re not there, which is called pareidolia). We’re taking advantage of that tendency to make Oracle Analytics data stories even more compelling for decision makers. 

We already have customers using Synthesia.io in combination with Oracle Analytics to change how their execs get their analytic news. If you’re an Oracle Analytics customer and would like to try Synthesia’s technology visit https://www.synthesia.io/co/oracle to request trial access.

James Richardson

Vice President, Product Strategy, Oracle Analytics

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