Provision Oracle Fusion Analytics Service Endpoints

January 4, 2023 | 5 minute read
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Updated v10 March 1, 2024.


Oracle Fusion Analytics (Fusion Analytics) is a family of prebuilt, cloud-native analytics services that run on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. About Fusion Analytics is an overview.


Fusion Analytics with service endpoints enables private network access to Fusion Analytics and disallows traffic from the internet. Access is from hosts within your virtual cloud network or your on-premises network.
Internet access is possible using public proxies that connect privately to the service endpoints.

A Fusion Analytics environment must be prepared before before provisioning an instance. Refer to Prepare for Oracle Fusion Analytics Service Endpoints for guidance.

This article describes provisioning an instance of Fusion Analytics with service endpoints. It includes architectural diagrams, component descriptions, deployment instructions, and links to other references.

Initial State

The initial state contains the prepared components discussed in Prepare for Oracle Fusion Analytics Service Endpoints.


Provisioned State


This illustration depicts a provisioned Fusion Analytics instance with service endpoints. The services reside in the Oracle Services Network. The service endpoints are in a customer's VCN (Virtual Cloud Network).


The provisioned architecture has these additional components deployed with private IP addresses in a private subnet.

  • Fusion Analytics Console
  • Oracle Analytics Cloud
  • Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse
Fusion Analytics Console

It is the service used to view and configure the:

  • Data pipelines to Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications.
  • Data augmentations.
  • Security configurations.
  • Semantic model extensions.

Refer to the Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse Console for the latest features.

Oracle Analytics Cloud

It is a scalable and secure Oracle Cloud service that provides a complete set of capabilities to explore and perform collaborative analytics. It offers flexible service management capabilities, including fast setup, easy scaling and patching, and automated lifecycle management.

Autonomous Data Warehouse

It is the world’s first autonomous database optimized for analytic workloads, data marts, and data warehouses and provides performance benefits and lowers operational costs. It is built for the cloud and optimized using Oracle Exadata. It includes performance benefits and reduces operational costs.


Creating an instance of Fusion Analytics with service endpoints is like creating a public instance. The only difference is choosing the prepared network components.

Two deployment scenarios are described, followed by common provisioning steps.

Deploy into an Example Environment

Deploy into the example environment prepared following the Deploy Network Components for Oracle Fusion Analytics Service Endpoints blog post. Use the components created by the post's deployment script. The component names are in a downloaded file named provisioning_info. An example is below. The region may vary. The other component names are fixed.


Deploy into a Manually Prepared Environment

Deploy into a manually prepared environment. Use the identity domain, compartment, and VCN prepared for Fusion Analytics.

Common Provisioning Steps

The common provisioning steps are documented in  Deploy Fusion Analytics with Service Endpoints.

Note. Ensure to sign into the designated Fusion Analytics identity domain as the designated Fusion Analytics service administrator, and select the designated region and compartment.

  1. Follow the documented steps until the Network Access block.
  2. Click Private in the Network Access block.
    • Select the prepared VCN, private subnet, and NSG (Network Security Group) from the dropdowns.


  3. Complete the documented steps.
Explore More

Private Fusion Analytics is now provisioned. Return to the Overview of Private Fusion Analytics for guidance on the next steps in your journey.

Explore more about the components and capabilities of this feature using the following links.

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