Oracle Fusion Analytics - Get notified when your data refresh completes using event notifications

June 6, 2023 | 6 minute read
Krithika Raghavan
Director, Oracle Analytics
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Oracle Fusion Analytics (FAW) is an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) native service that leverages the power of Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW) and Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC). It provides a comprehensive analytics solution that includes a data pipeline, data warehouse, semantic model, and content such as dashboards and reports. Fusion Analytics extracts data from various sources, transforms it, and loads it into ADW.

As businesses expand and develop, the importance of automation in managing data and analytics applications also grows. Based on inputs from users, Oracle has rolled out a service that empowers you with more control over tracking customized events and notifications.

FAW Event Producer service is an effective automated solution for creating consolidated events and notification workflows, which can streamline your Fusion Analytics business operations. This feature is available in Preview.

By subscribing to data load completion and estimated load completion in Fusion Analytics, you can monitor and manage your workflows more effectively.

What is FAW Event Producer Service?

The Event Producer service and the integration with the OCI-managed Events services provide a more efficient way to receive notifications about your data pipeline events. By using the OCI-managed notification services, you can customize your alerts and choose how you want to receive them, whether it's through email, Slack, or other trigger downstream workflows using custom-defined functions. This not only improves your experience but also reduces the workload on your support team by decreasing the number of ad-hoc requests for job completion requests through the service request tickets.

With the integration of OCI-managed Events Services, notifications are delivered in real-time when the daily pipeline jobs complete, ensuring you never miss an important update. 

What types of events are emitted through the FAW Event Producer service?

Fusion Analytics has pre-registered two event types as part of the 23.R2 Preview feature. This list might be expanded in the future to accommodate additional business use cases.


When does it get generated?


Generated when the data is refreshed in ADW. 


Generated when a new data refresh completion estimate is available.

How do I enable and receive events, and create an email notification

To enable the FAW event service feature and create custom automation that sends an email using the FAW Event Producer service, follow these steps:

Step 1: Log in to the FAW Console, click Enable Features, and enable Event Notification.

Event Notification

Step 2: Log in to the OCI Console and create a topic for “FAW Data Load Complete."

Create Topic

 Step 3: Subscribe to the topic with your email address.

Create Subscription

Step 4: Create a rule to notify the topic when the data load completes.

Create Rule

Event Producer Use Cases

Email - notifications

You can create a rule to trigger an email notification when the data load completes in Fusion Analytics.


 Slack - notifications

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides an option to create a rule that can trigger Slack notifications. Like email notifications, you can create a subscription configuration for Slack protocol and provide the Endpoint URL for Slack.

Create Subscription

Trigger Custom Functions Based on FAW Events

Like email and Slack notifications, you can create custom rules to trigger functions. This enables you to create a customized automation and integrate it with downstream workflows.


 Navigate to the Create Rule page, and in the Actions section, in Action Type, select Functions from the list and provide the function details. 


Consult these resources:

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Overview of Functions (

Call to Action

If you need a secure and reliable means to automate events and notifications for your Oracle Fusion Analytics implementation, then try the FAW Event Producer service. By subscribing to these events, you can create custom workflows and eliminate the need for ad-hoc communications such as emails and service request tickets.

You can choose to be automatically notified of important events such as daily Data Pipeline completion and eliminate the need to constantly check the system for completion.

Krithika Raghavan

Director, Oracle Analytics

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