Oracle Analytics Server 2022 is available!

April 1, 2022 | 4 minute read
Mitch Campbell
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Oracle Analytics Server 2023 is now available

Oracle is proud to announce the availability of our customer-managed analytics platform: Oracle Analytics Server 2022.  This is the next generation of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) and a great path to modernization for anyone needing to deploy analytics on-premises or customer-managed in the cloud via the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Marketplace.

The total value of the Oracle Analytics platform

Our analytics platform is continually improving.  Oracle Analytics Server (OAS) users leverage excellent data visualization and storytelling capabilities, the ability to explore real-time insights, and the power of Machine Learning for all levels from clickers to coders. With integrated data preparation and enrichment, our self-service data analytics delivers performance, compliance, and easy administration, through a secure unified system.  See the Analytics Capabilities Explorer for additional information.

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Selected new features in OAS 2022:

  • Multi-table datasets: Perform self-service data modeling with datasets by adding multiple tables to a dataset from one or more relational data source connections.
  • Auto insights: Oracle Analytics analyzes datasets when you connect to them and suggests which visualizations will give you the best insights.
  • New mapping capabilities: Smooth and powerful interactions with map visualizations through client-side libraries from Mapbox GL and WebGL, and map layers on unique data sets.
  • Strong hierarchy support for EPM and Essbase: Navigate EPM hierarchies when connecting to subject areas or datasets. You can drill up and down the hierarchy tree in pivot and table visualizations.
  • Graph and text analysis:  Enhance your visualizations of network graphs using powerful property graph analytics. Compute the shortest path between two vertices or identify connected vertices in the graph.
  • Data quality insights: Explore your data and use a visual overview of your content to assess and improve data quality.
  • Custom data enrichment knowledge: Extend the system knowledge in Oracle Analytics by adding your own enterprise-specific reference data. This automatically increases Oracle Analytics’ ability to discover and offer more relevant enrichment recommendations.
  • Analyze Performance: Use built-in performance tools to analyze statistics such as query time, server time, and streaming time for visualization components in workbooks.
  • New efficient Redwood UI Design: Updated product look and feel, as well as new default colors and fonts follow guidelines focused on usability and accessibility.

For a complete overview of new features and enhancements, please see "What’s New for Oracle Analytics Server 2022.”

How does Oracle Analytics Server differ from Oracle Analytics Cloud?

Oracle Analytics Cloud is fully Oracle-managed cloud service that's updated several times a year. Oracle Analytics Server is customer-managed, and releases annually to keep up with Oracle Analytics Cloud capabilities. Oracle Analytics Server includes most of the features available except those with cloud dependencies.  See the Feature Availability and Comparison Between Oracle Analytics Server and Oracle Analytics Cloud for more details.  

However, because Oracle Analytics Server is fully customer-managed, you have more flexibility with connections, server configuration, and UI customization than customers using Oracle Analytics Cloud. To make Oracle Analytics Server deployment on OCI much easier than other cloud providers, we offer Oracle Analytics Server on Oracle Cloud Marketplace. See the OAS on OCI blog.  Two licensing options are available:


  • Bring Your Own License (BYOL) for customers with an Oracle Fusion Middleware on-premises license. Deploy OAS quickly and easily, paying only for the OCI components they use.
  • Universal Credits (UCM) for customers with an active Oracle Cloud account (Pay As You Go or Annual Universal Credits).  OAS license at a rate of $1.75 per CPU per hour, charged only for the hours during which the instance is active.

See Deploying Oracle Analytics Server on Oracle Cloud

One analytics platform for all customer needs

The Oracle Analytics platform is a complete, modern analytics platform that supports smarter predictions and better decisions. Embedded machine learning and artificial intelligence power intelligent enterprise reporting, ad hoc analysis, and self-service data visualization.  Oracle Analytics Server provides a choice to modernize, either on-premises in your own data center, or through the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure marketplace. For any additional details see the Oracle Analytics Server Documentation.

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Mitch Campbell


Mitch Campbell has over 20 years of experience in the Analytics market.

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