Oracle Analytics community thriving online on Oracle Cloud Customer Connect

February 1, 2022 | 4 minute read
Alexandria Toothman
Product Manager, Oracle Analytics Product Strategy
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Have questions about Oracle Analytics products? Need help building objects and dashboards, or verifying data? Sometimes we all need a little more support. Oracle Cloud Customer Connect can provide the added support you need. With your free membership, you'll find solutions — and maybe even provide some, too — quickly, safely, and efficiently.

Oracle Cloud Customer Connect is an active online community of more than 300,000 Oracle users and technical professionals where members can post questions and contribute solutions regarding any Oracle product. As an Oracle Analytics Cloud or Fusion Analytics user, you will find help in the Oracle Analytics and Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse forums, as well as the database, ERP, HCM, SCM, and CX forums, among a lively group of peers with loads of knowledge to share. More than half a million comments have been submitted so far, and there are more every day. Plus, Oracle Cloud Customer Connect members enjoy exclusive access to online events where Oracle leaders present the latest and greatest about Oracle products.

Figure 2. Oracle Cloud Customer Connect events page.

As a members-only platform, you can be confident that discussions will remain focused, professional, and helpful. (That means no spam, no bots, and best of all, no trolls.) It's a great way to show off your expertise and help others reap the benefits of Oracle products. You'll also find listings for external Oracle user groups that can help through networking and sharing tips on usage and best practices. Not only does this get you information when you need it, but being active in the community can be a great way to grow your network and career.

Another fun facet of Oracle Cloud Customer Connect is the Oracle Idea Lab, where you can post new ideas and enhancements for Oracle Analytics products. Posting to the Idea Lab is simple — just provide a short title, the name of your organization, a description of your idea and some sample use cases. Tagging your entry with a category or two will give it a context and ensure others can find it easily. If you’re new to Cloud Customer Connect, you should check out the Getting Started page here.

Figure 3. Posting to Idea Lab is simple.

Oracle Cloud Customer Connect and the Idea Lab were born from the belief that hearing directly from our customers is the best way to improve our products. As an Oracle Product Manager, I hear about innovative uses of our products every day, and I know that making our products the best they can be is a two-way street. Oracle Cloud Customer Connect gives you a voice in shaping the future of our products. And you can be assured that your voice will be heard. All Idea Lab posts are thoughtfully considered for adoption by our development team, and heavily upvoted posts are given top priority.

To be sure, being part of this community is about more than just helping your peers. It is a platform for strengthening your personal brand as an Oracle professional. As an Idea Lab contributor, you can earn points and accumulate badges that highlight your contributions  and drive recognition on the Leaderboard. The Leaderboard also helps you track other contributors to see their overall impact on the community. Top contributors will earn a place in the Oracle Customer Connect Hall of Fame and may also be honored in the "Spotlight," a showcase of members who have achieved elite status levels and awards.

And when you're ready to put that official stamp on your knowledge, Oracle Cloud Customer Connect will lead you to the many paths toward Oracle Education and Certification.

Figure 4. Oracle educational and certification training.

So come join our growing community of Oracle users and technical professionals! It’s free to sign up for an Oracle account, which gets you access to Cloud Customer Connect.  You'll be learning, sharing, and earning awards in no time.

Register for Oracle Cloud Customer Connect account today to learn more about Oracle Analytics products, solve immediate problems, and share your knowledge with others.

Alexandria Toothman

Product Manager, Oracle Analytics Product Strategy

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