Optimize Oracle Analytics Cloud Performance with Akamai Content Delivery Network

October 19, 2023 | 3 minute read
Ravi Bhuma
Principal Solutions Architect, Oracle Analytics
Ahmed Awan
Director, Customer Excellence, Analytics
Veera Raghavendra Rao Koka
Consulting Member of Technical Staff
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Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) offers a comprehensive platform, empowering organizations to probe any data, anywhere, and on any device. With the ability to integrate seamlessly into your ecosystem, OAC provides cloud-based analytics while ensuring easy access to varied data sources. On the other hand, Akamai Content Delivery Network (CDN) stands as a high-performance parallel network, making the intricacies of the internet transparent.

When an end user accesses OAC's login page, Akamai intelligently reroutes the request to the nearest edge server, optimizing the content retrieval process. These business rules are uniformly distributed across Akamai's vast array of edge servers.

Key Assumptions

This article assumes the following configuration:

  • An Oracle Analytics Cloud instance with a private endpoint.
  • An Oracle Analytics Cloud instance configured with a Vanity URL host name such as "oacdn.oracleceal.com".
  • A Public Load Balancer configured with an Oracle Analytics Cloud instance on the backend, SSL-enabled with the vanity URL certificates.

Integration Workflow for Oracle Analytics Cloud and Akamai CDN


The following list describes the workflow.

Step 1:
Users entering an OAC URL initiate a process to resolve the URL to an IP address. For instance, a domain provider managing "oracleceal.com" directs "oacdn.oracleceal.com" to "oacdn.oracleceal.com.edgekey.net", a domain owned by Akamai.

Step 2:
Recognizing "edgekey.net" as Akamai's domain, the user's browser communicates with Akamai's DNS. Akamai's server processes the request, identifies the user's location, and guides the browser to the nearest Akamai server.

Step 3:
Reaching the Akamai server activates a Web Application Firewall (WAF) policy and subsequent CDN rules, detailing if the request should be cached or directed to the origin server.

Step 4:
The origin server's host name is typically mapped as an A record in the DNS, linking "origin-oacdn.oracleceal.com" to an actual IP.

Step 5:
With the origin server's IP known, Akamai initiates a connection.

In essence, Akamai serves as a mediator. Instead of direct connections from end users to the origin server, traffic bifurcates:

  • Users connect to Akamai, with requests ending at Akamai.
  • Akamai connects from its infrastructure to the origin server, ensuring content delivery optimization and reinforced security.

Akamai Onboarding

Follow these steps to onboard to Akamai CDN:

1.    Log in to the Akamai control center.

2.    Establish the ION Premier delivery configuration.

3.    Set up the property’s basic details:
      •    Property name: oacdn.oracleceal.com
      •    Rule Format: latest

4.    Define the host name.

5.    Select a certificate that you previously created and associated with the host names you entered, or go to Certificate Provisioning System (CPS), create a certificate, and associate it.

6.    Determine the Edge host name.

7.    Map the Edge host name to the Property host name

8.    Modify the Property Configuration settings.

9.   Save and activate both on the Akamai Staging Network and Production Network.

10.  Complete the activation.

Following activation, OAC pages will be seamlessly transmitted via Akamai's Edge Servers. These servers enforce preconfigured rules, retrieve content from origin servers, cache content, and promptly deliver to end-users.

Call to Action

Leverage the power of Oracle Analytics Cloud with Akamai CDN! Dive deep into a world where speed, security, and efficiency collide. By integrating OAC with Akamai's Intelligent Edge platform, your organization can achieve seamless, rapid content delivery worldwide. Embrace the next level of analytics experience; empower your users, optimize performance, and ensure content delivery with utmost security. Ready to elevate your analytics game? Integrate now and witness the transformation firsthand!

Ravi Bhuma

Principal Solutions Architect, Oracle Analytics

Oracle Analytics Service Excellence, CEAL Team

Ahmed Awan

Director, Customer Excellence, Analytics

Veera Raghavendra Rao Koka

Consulting Member of Technical Staff

Oracle Analytics Service Excellence, CEAL Team

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