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January 25, 2022 | 4 minute read
Padma Rao
Consulting User Assistance Developer, Oracle Analytics
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 The 22.R1 release of Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse offers new documentation features that are designed to make it easier for you to find what you need.  The new capabilities:

  • Enable you to view pertinent product help more quickly by allowing you to select release-specific information.
  • Make the pillar-specific guides more relatable with their new names.
  • Provide downloadable zip files of the pillar and release-specific tables for quick reference.

Here’s what’s new.

Release-specific help libraries

Prior to the 22.R1 release, the documentation for Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse on Oracle Help Center always applied to the current product release. Going forward, the Oracle Help Center contains two sets of documentation for Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse. By default, the documentation you see in the Oracle Help Center applies to the current product release.  You can also see and select documentation for the release immediately prior to the current release, which is useful when you've not yet upgraded to the current release of the product. Reviewing the current and previous release documentation helps you learn more about features you'll get when you upgrade to the current product release.

For example, the current documentation applies to the 22.R1 release and the previous documentation applies to the 21.R3 release. You can access the documentation for the previous release using the Select your update dropdown options.

Select your update dropdown.

When you review the documentation for the previous release, there's a release banner informing you that you're viewing an older release. Click Go to latest release to easily view the documentation for the current product.

Older release banner.

Access the current documentation using this link: https://docs.oracle.com/en/cloud/saas/analytics/22r1/index.html

Renamed pillar-specific guides

Prior to the 22.R1 release, the pillar-specific guides were named for example, Implementing Fusion ERP Analytics. Going forward, the pillar-specific guides are renamed to indicate that the content of these guides is for reference purposes mainly. The table below displays the previous names and the current names of the pillar-specific guides.

Previous Name

Current Name

Implementing Fusion ERP Analytics

Reference for Fusion ERP Analytics

Implementing Fusion HCM Analytics

Reference for Fusion HCM Analytics

Implementing Fusion SCM Analytics

Reference for Fusion SCM Analytics


New process to view the reference tables

The Tables section in the pillar-specific guides provides details of tables such as key columns, data types, and table descriptions. Previously, you could only view the reference tables in the pillar-specific guides.

Reference tables in the pillar-specific guide.

Starting with the 22.R1 release, you can download a pillar- and release-specific zip file that contains available tables for the current version of the product. You can download the zip file from the pillar-specific guide. For example, for Fusion ERP Analytics, you can download a zip file named 22.R1_Feb2022_Fusion_ERP_Analytics_Tables.zip from the section on Tables in Reference for Fusion ERP Analytics. See "Download this ZIP file...".

Download the reference tables zip file.

When the zip file downloads, do the following:

  1. Extract the contents of the file and open the resulting folder.
  2. In the extracted folder, open the release-specific Index.html file. For example, click 22.R1_Feb2022_Fusion_ERP_Analytics_Index.html. The index file displays the tables arranged under subject areas.
  3. Click the table link to view the table details.


With these new features of the Oracle Fusion Analytics documentation, you can:

  • View release-specific product help more quickly.
  • Understand the purpose of the pillar-specific guides more easily.
  • Download zip files containing the pillar and release-specific tables for quick reference.

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Padma Rao

Consulting User Assistance Developer, Oracle Analytics

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