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May 6, 2021 | 9 minute read
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Welcome to the Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse release blog, as we review new analytics content and enhancements made recently available with the FAW 21.R1 release. Oracle ERP Analytics introduces Spend Analysis, to gain visibility into spend patterns, improve operational efficiencies, and minimize risk throughout the procure-to-pay journey. Oracle HCM Analytics new performance and goals functionality enables HR departments to manage employee performance and closely align skills and interests with changing dynamics, particularly as employees return to work. An enhanced security UI improves control for securing access to objects and data, and support for new languages and data centers increases deployment flexibility and regional coverage.


What’s new in FAW 21.R1?


Oracle Fusion ERP Analytics

Spend Analysis | Docs

Is your organization facing increased pressure to control costs and optimize spend across the business? Oracle Fusion ERP Analytics introduces Spend Analysis, for Finance and Procurement departments to gain visibility into your company’s spend patterns. The new functionality provides line-of-business visibility into both direct and indirect spend, allowing users to do spend analysis by commodities, suppliers, supplier locations, buying locations, business units, cost centers, buyers and contract usage.

Watch the Spend Product Tour to learn more about Spend Analysis

As a pre-built analytic solution, Spend Analysis includes packaged KPIs, Dashboards, data model, subject areas, metrics, that help teams answers questions, such as:

  • Which categories are incurring most non-contract spend over the last 4 quarters?
  • Which items, categories, and suppliers have compliance issues in their agreements?
  • What is the organization spend for suppliers, buyers, commodities, contracts vs non contracts, leakage by region?
  • Which items and categories have cost-saving potential?

Spend Analysis is a critical tool within the Procurement organization, as it helps improve cost management, drive sourcing strategy adoption and negotiate the most competitive pricing terms with suppliers. Buyers can drill down into invoice transactions to review contract usage and look for cost saving opportunities. Spend analysis also proactively helps surface the root cause of non-compliance, patterns of fraud, and internal process bottlenecks.


Financial Analysis | Docs

Watch the ERP Analytics Product Tour to learn more about Financial Analysis

The 21.R1 release also provides Oracle Fusion ERP Analytics improvements on existing GL, AP, AR analytics functionality. This post includes release highlights, with the detailed list of enhancements across subject areas and metrics in the What’s New documentation:

New KPIs:  Payables (10)  KPI Description) |Receivables (28)  KPI Description


Automated Data Validation: As administrator, you can validate the new Oracle ERP Analytics library of metrics and attributes with the Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI) instance within Oracle Cloud ERP. Find more information about this capability in the ERP Analytics automated data validation documentation.

New Payment Doc Identifier, Invoice Identifier to support deep link drill down to source transaction details for AP Invoices and AP Payments in ERP Cloud

  • AP and AR now support Business Unit (BU) as a common dimension.
  • New GL, AP, AR attributes: Transfer to GL and Posted Status (GL), Account Class, Distribution Accounting Date (AP), Adjustment Date, UOM (AR)
  • Financial AP Payment and GL Analysis subject areas now include all accounting distributions, including adjustment events.

For a list of defects fixed in Oracle Fusion ERP Analytics, see Doc ID 2760973.1


Oracle Fusion HCM Analytics

Performance and Goals | Docs

How do you as a manager acquire knowledge and understanding of your workforce performance, gaps, goals, skills, and team pain points?  Oracle Fusion HCM Analytics introduces performance and goals analysis, to provide HR departments visibility into their workforce. HR leaders and managers can now track employee performance and closely align skills, interests – and feedback, including concerns and wellness updates – with needs, locations, and the changing dynamics.

Watch the HCM Analytics Product Tour

The new functionality provides line-of-business managers with a 360-view of performance trends across the organization, teams and individuals. HR departments can anticipate team performance based on significant changes in the workforce and compare individual performance goals with organizational goals to track progress. In addition, the prebuilt metrics, KPIs, and Analyses, help track goal attainment by individual and by manager over time.

With performance and check-ins KPIs, as a manager, you can quickly get a health check of the team’s performance. During the performance appraisal cycle you can determine the number of submissions and their status, including the number of incomplete appraisals, and the percentage of high performers by attributes, such as gender, ethnicity and location. You can also find out what tasks are taking longer to complete, and whether they were submitted on time or after the due date.


With Goals and Career Development KPIs, you can also get a health check on employee performance and development goals, track progress for employees with incomplete goals and isolate which goal tasks need to be prioritized with employees. Managers can also track goal alignment along the organization hierarchy and follow the status of Goal tasks. How many of the goal tasks are in non-started status and how that need to be prioritized with employees for completion.

See the Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse forum on Oracle Customer Connect for HCM Analytics resources and shared projects that you can incorporate into your deployment.


Talent and Human Resources | Docs

The 21.R1 release also provides Oracle Fusion HCM Analytics improvements on existing Talent and core Human Resources analytics functionality. This post includes release highlights, with the detailed enhancement list in the What’s New documentation:

  • Added the "Country", "Ethnicity", and "Disability" dimensions in the HCM - Workforce Core subject area.
  •  Added the "Implicit Headcount Gain and Loss" metrics in the HCM - Workforce Gains and Losses subject area.
  • Added the "Country" dimension and additional source-related and job application progression-related metrics in the HCM - Talent Acquisition subject area.


For a list of defects fixed in Oracle Fusion HCM Analytics, see Doc ID 2761020.1

Survey Analysis  | Docs

Using the Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse Extensibility framework, you can now use text analytics to generate Survey Analyses. Gain further insight into your workforce when you combine survey ratings with employee diversity, inclusion and performance data. Watch a video on using Text Tokenization with Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) and Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW).



Other Extensibility improvements introduced with 21.R1. For a detailed list see What’s New documentation:


Security | Docs

An important step in deploying FAW, is to ensure that users have appropriate access to use Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse. The 21.R1 release has made this process easier and more flexible with three key enhancements:

1.  Improved and redesigned Security user interface for the day-to-day management of the system. For more information see Manage Users, Groups, Application Roles, Data Access


2. Use the new Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse licensed Author and Consumer system groups to assign system role privileges. The author-licensed system groups are mapped to the Author system role and the consumer-licensed system groups are mapped to the Consumer system role (see System Groups and System Roles):

  • FAW Licensed ERP Authors
  • FAW Licensed ERP Consumers
  • FAW Licensed HCM Authors
  • FAW Licensed HCM Consumers


3.  Use new Security Extensibility functionality to secure access to objects and data with custom duty and data roles. For more info see Add Security Configurations

The Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse console (step 1) provides access to the Service and Data Administration interface. 

The security administrator creates a custom Application Role by using the Service Administration security (step 2) interface. For more info see create an application role


The data modeler can then use the new application role, to configure it with the desired custom duty and data roles (step 3):


Global presence | Docs

Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse 21.R1 adds flexibility to meet businesses continuity and compliance needs, as it introduces support for 11 new languages and increases the number of available Data Centers across Worldwide regions.

Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse adds support for the following non-English languages:

  • Arabic
  • German
  • Chinese Simplified
  • Italian
  • Chinese Traditional
  • Japanese
  • Dutch
  • Portuguese Brazilian
  • French Canadian
  • Spanish
  • French European

Three new Data Centers – Frankfurt (Germany), Sydney (Australia), and Dubai (UAE) have been added to the list of regionally-available locations. Further expansion is planned for more regions with upcoming Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse releases.

What’s fixed

Product Resources

Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse has been designed from the ground-up to provide packaged analytics for Oracle Cloud ERP, HCM, SCM, CX Applications. With pre-built and extensible capabilities to help connect the dots between Oracle Cloud Applications and third-party data sources, line-of-business users gain improved visibility to help monitor business performance and make better and faster decisions across the company. Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse is built using Oracle Analytics Cloud and is powered by Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse. Check the following resources for more information:

  1. Product (Quick) Tours: HCM | ERP | SPEND
  2. EBook: HCM | ERP
  3. Cloud Essentials: Empower HCM | ERP
  4. Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse solution page
  5. Customer Connect Forum
  6. Customer Connect Idea Labs  | Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse Resources
  7. Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse Blogs
  8. Product Documentation | What's New
  9. Oracle Analytics Release Updates | Roadmap
  10. Packaged Analytics (PDF | Video)


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