Enhance Oracle Analytics with a tiled web map background

January 5, 2023 | 4 minute read
Benjamin Arnulf
Senior Director, Product Strategy, Oracle Analytics
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Oracle analytics cloud tiled web map

Tiled web map background examples in Oracle Analytics

Oracle Analytics allows you to see data using map data visualizations. Maps are useful for analyzing and displaying the data geographically and presenting it an interactive format.
Maps help you to visualize data points, geographic locations, sizes, and distances between points. You can add layers and heatmaps that provide additional visual context to the data. Oracle Analytics provides these maps by default: Thematic, Oracle BI, and Oracle Map. This article describes how to add map backgrounds such as Mapbox and Esri.

Specify the map background

1. In Oracle Analytics, open a dataset that contains at least the names of cities, regions, and countries or that includes coordinates for latitude and longitude.

2. Create a workbook and add a map visualization.

3. Drag and drop columns (for example, "Country name" and "Sales").
You see a map that uses the default "Oracle Maps" background.

4. Change the map background by displaying the properties panel, selecting the Map tab, and specifying the background map in the list.

Add map data visualization in Oracle Analytics

The left panel shows the map visualization; the right panel shows the map properties panel for specifying the map background


Add a tiled web map background

1. On the Oracle Analytics home page, click the left panel.

2. Click Console, then Maps.

3. On the Backgrounds tab, select the "+" option, then add "Tiled Web Map".

4. Enter a name and URL for the background, as shown in this table:


5. Check the box I agree to trust this external host.
(You might have to add the URL using the Safe Domains area of the Console.)

6. Save the background map and reload the page.

Add a new background map to Oracle Analytics

Complete only 3 fields to add a map background to Oracle Analytics. It's easy to enhance dashboards and data visualizations.

Tips for map visualizations

Follow these tips when creating map visualizations:

  • Ensure that you have the proper data along with the correct geo-coordinate points or the city, country, and region.
  • If these are absent, use the data quality tool available in Oracle Analytics to ensure that you don't have incorrect data points.
  • Next, create a basic map using the Oracle Maps background, or the Satellite background for large areas or macro visualizations, or a Street map for micro visualizations or areas visualizations and topography to evaluate the elevation and nature of an area.
  • Use dark-mode maps to better visualize points.
  • Use a heatmap on top of a map to quickly understand the hotspots in the map with a specific density.
  • Optionally, create your own background maps using Mapbox or other providers.

You can also use Web Map Services (WMS) to add layers of information on maps such as the current population, the weather, and the number of houses.





Benjamin Arnulf

Senior Director, Product Strategy, Oracle Analytics

Benjamin Arnulf is Senior Director, Product Strategy covering Oracle Analytics and AI.

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