Enabling Extensive Flexfields in Fusion Analytics Warehouse Part 2

September 20, 2022 | 4 minute read
Krishna Prasad Kotti
Senior Member of Technical Staff
Krithika Raghavan
Director, Oracle Analytics
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This is the second article in the series for Enabling Extensible Flexfields (EFFs) in Fusion Analytics Warehouse. The first part of the series looked at the steps to be completed in Oracle Cloud Applications to enable the EFFs. This article reviews the steps needed in Fusion Analytics Warehouse to enable EFFs.


  • You've completed the steps outlined in this article.
  • You've identified the underlying VO and atrribute names for the EFFs. You can do this by parsing OTBI logs.

To enable EFFs in Fusion Analytics Warehouse.

1.    Log in to Fusion Analytics Warehouse.

2.    Navigate to Console.

3.    Click Data Configuration.

Data Config

If you configure more than one source in Fusion Analytics Warehouse, then make sure that the drop-down list at the top shows Fusion and click Data Augmentation.

Data augmentation01

4.    Click Create to create a data augmentation.

Data augmentation02


Data augmentation03

Select the following:

Augmentation Type - Extend Entity
Source Dataset Type – Supplement Data
Pillar – Supply Chain Management (select the appropriate pillar)
Source Table Type – Customer Provided
Source Table – Provide the VO name

Select the necessary column from VO. This column list will be based on the attribute names that you decided on using the OTBI query in the first part of the series.

Data augmentation03
5.    Click Next.

Click Next, and Click Accept Impact.

Data augmentation04

6.    Select the Extending Entity and Primary Key.

Data augmentation05

7.    Complete the appropriate fields, and click Finish to save the augmentation.

Data augmentation07


Data augmentation


7.    Once the Augmentation is completed, you see the EFF in the subject area.

Data Augmenation09


Subject Areas01



Subject Areas02

This completes the two-part series that explains enabling extensive flexfields in Fusion Analytics Warehouse and verifying them by accessing the subject area that was augmented.

For more details on Data augmentation, see Fusion Analytics Warehouse Documentation.

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Krishna Prasad Kotti

Senior Member of Technical Staff

Krithika Raghavan

Director, Oracle Analytics

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